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Losing extra tummy

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MaggieW · 04/01/2004 20:45

New mirrored wardrobes have revealed what I had suspected - quite a bit of excess flab around tummy. Can someone please suggest best way of losing this bearing in mind caesarean scar is still a bit sensitive, seven months after the event?

OP posts:
suzywong · 04/01/2004 20:47

Very very good thread to start, MaggieW.
I'm in the same boat but not brave enough to go near a mirror in the nuddy.

Would be very interested to read responeses.

nearlymybeetrootday · 04/01/2004 20:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 · 04/01/2004 20:49

ditto - am planning lots of dog walks but don't know if that would help big fat wobbly belly

Lisa78 · 04/01/2004 20:50

BEETY!! Spelling, really!

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