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question about male vasectomies

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threeangels · 29/12/2003 20:55

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would get back in the swing of things since its been a while. I am having a slight situation with my dh. Tomorrow morning (Tue) he is sceduled to have a vasectomy procedure done. I do know he is very very nervous about this. We have no plans on having anymore children (already have 4) and I dont want to be on any kind of birth control for the next 15 years or so. He had one friend at work tell him when he had it done it was nothing but a nighmare to follow with a lot of problems. Ive told him not to base what his friend went through with how hell do afterwards. Ive read most men do just fine with maybe some pain for a few days.

What I would love to know if any of your dh's have had this done and how it turned out. I dont mean to be so personally but I only have until tonight to sort this out with dh. Thank you for any input.

OP posts:
JanH · 29/12/2003 21:23

Hi, threeangels - nice to see you!

Can't help with experiences but this site (American) has a message board and other information - might be worth a look?

JanH · 29/12/2003 21:26

This is the general website I got that link from btw.

KatieMac · 29/12/2003 21:35

DH had his done under a local anesthetic by laser and went Line Dancing the same night(!) He says he took it easy but with men?
However he was healed in no time (plenty of salt water baths, arnica and guiness (he swears by it)
And as I remember we were at it agin before the stiches had dissolved!
So tell hubby no worries, very little pain, just a little pulling sensation.
Good Luck (and does he want to talk to mine?)

Lethal · 29/12/2003 22:20

Hi threeangels, dh had a vasectomy about 18 months ago now and it really wasn't a big deal. He had it done in hospital by a urologist, but he only had a local anaesthetic (his choice), whereas apparently a lot of men opt for a general. Anyway he said there was a bit of discomfort during the procedure but nothing he couldn't handle, and afterwards he had some soreness for a few days - probably 1 week maximum. Then he went about his business as usual, so it wasn't a big problem for dh at all.

DH's brother also had it done about six months before dh, but went to a different doctor. The procedure itself went ok, but he developed an infection afterwards which was apparently very painful. He's fine now obviously (after the infection cleared up) but his memories of it are a bit more unpleasant than dh's, but perhaps it just comes down to the surgeon or the environment the operation is carried out in... or perhaps the infection was just bad luck.

Anyway dh's cousin also had it done, and my own brother had it done, and neither of them had any problems at all. I'm sure your dh will be fine, tell him at least he's not going in for a caesarean section

Luckymum · 30/12/2003 17:41

Dh had it done about 9 years ago now ( at a clinic at our GP surgery) Has had no problems whatsoever. He didn't complain of any pain (although he did have his leg in plaster at the time so wasn't up and about much ) Am I cruel or what?? Best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned.

Luckymum · 30/12/2003 17:42

Sorry....just realised that he will have had it done by now (hopefully) Did it go OK?

KaySleighBells · 30/12/2003 17:46

Hello threeangels,

My dh had his vasectomy over two years ago. He had it done on a Friday and was back at work on the monday. He was a bit sore for a day or two but just took ibuprofen. Apart from that he was fine. Three of my friends husbands have also had it done with no problems whatsoever just feelings ranging from feeling slightly "tender" to feeling like they'd been kicked in their bits (!). But nothing like childbirth - so don't feel bad about it

KaySleighBells · 30/12/2003 17:47

How did it go ???!!

tabitha · 30/12/2003 17:50

Hi threeangels,
my dh hasn't had it done but has v simmilar concerns to your dh, especially as his best friend got a (minor!) infection after his vasectomy and insisted in giving dh the gory and, I think, exaggerated details.
However the vast majority of men I've spoken to about it - for some reason all the men I work beside wanted to tell me about their ops when I told them dh was considering it - have had no problems at all and found it to be a success.
I've told my dh all of this but he still resists going for the op so I think his concerns may be deeper than just the pain issue

fourangels · 31/12/2003 00:56

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the helpful links and opinions about the procedure. Well dh did have it done this morning. Right now he is in a good bit of pain. But taking ibuprofine and antibiotics incase of infection. I know this is mean but when he first came out to me I couldnt help but laugh because of the strange facial expression he had. It was like he had entered the twilight zone or something. I'm sure in a few days hell be back to normal. Thanks again. By the way incase your wondering I just decided to change my nickname to fourangels since having my 2 month old.

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