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Is this normal?

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saintshar · 22/12/2003 10:34

We went to feed the ducks yesterday morning, so that DH could have a lie-in in peace and quiet. It was REALLY cold, so i wrapped the kids up - scarfs, hats gloves etc. On the way home my 20month old took his gloves off, when i was putting them back on, i noticed his face was black. I mean really black, not a dark shade of red or anything like that. It was like big black bruses (sp?) on each cheak.
I have never saw anything like this before, and it was quite worrying really.
Anyone put my mind at rest?

OP posts:
popsycal · 22/12/2003 10:37

sorry not to be any help...would check with the doc if i were you

whymummy · 22/12/2003 10:40

have they gone now saintshar?i had them once all over my legs,it was freezing too and i came down with flu a few days later,don't know if it was related,hope he's ok

saintshar · 22/12/2003 18:05

He has got over the flu a few Weeks ago. They did go not long after we got home and he warmed up a bit. It is just i have never heard of this before, and when i have mentioned it to a few people, they said it sounded a bit wierd.

OP posts:
RoscoeReindeer · 22/12/2003 18:38

Dh says that this happens when the capillaries in the cheeks open up because of the initial contact with very cold air. As it is so cold the body tries to pull the blood away from the surface by closing the capillaries and some of the blood gets trapped.

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