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alleric reaction

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mieow · 13/12/2003 06:46

DD, 2, has had reactions since about 5 months old when she had a huge reaction to something, it was such a large reaction the hospital thought she had meningitis at one point. Anyway, she keeps having reactions. She had a huge reaction last night so gave her Priton but she still has swelling on her legs. Should I take her to the doctor??

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robinw · 13/12/2003 07:00

message withdrawn

mieow · 13/12/2003 07:10

No she hasn't had allergy testing. She is so small it seems cruel She seems fine in herself, just keeps stratching it. I know just how she feels as I have severe allergy reactions, and they hurt. The first one I had was when I was pregnant with her, could this have caused her allergies? Sounds stupid I know

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robinw · 13/12/2003 07:21

message withdrawn

robinw · 13/12/2003 14:52

message withdrawn

misdee · 13/12/2003 14:55

ask to be referred to allergy clinic at lister hospital. and i'll see u there

mieow · 13/12/2003 15:33

I phoned the doctor as the Priton wasn't taking the hives down and because when I last had a reaction myself, I was told that it was my body fighting the strep throat infection i had and had turned into Scarlettine fever. I had to have blood tests and unine tests done to make sure my kidneys hadn't been damaged by it, so I was worried as this was a large reaction for DD2 and she has a cough and sore throat. I was adviced to take her to the docs on monday and ask for tests to be done, as they can't do anything at the weekend.

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robinw · 14/12/2003 09:08

message withdrawn

bunny2 · 14/12/2003 10:09

Mieow, you should def go for allergy testing (dd that is). It doesnt hurt at all, my ds has been tested on several occassions and made absolutely no fuss, didnt even flinch. Good luck.

mieow · 14/12/2003 11:21

have been to see the our of hours doc today, who said she is having a reaction to the cough. The body is fighting the infection and forgetting about the skin therefore causing a rash. I have to take her back if the cough doesn't clear up. He said that she prolly has a low immune system.

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