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twiglett · 12/12/2003 22:49

message withdrawn

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lyndsey66 · 12/12/2003 22:53

NHS Direct mormally quite quick - but in mean time call casualty at local hospital - have done this before when I thought I had accidently overdosed and they were helpful - so try them -(think number in book) what is your local hospital?

Angeliz · 12/12/2003 22:54

i'd second that, call Hospital, i'd also be tempted to wake him up properly and ask him!

twiglett · 12/12/2003 22:55

message withdrawn

OP posts:
doormat · 12/12/2003 22:56

get him to a and e now twiglett
just in case
better safe than sorry.

lyndsey66 · 12/12/2003 22:59

He is going to be fine - probably just a bit sleepy - but if you dont take him to a & e you will be worrying all night probably! So I would take him like doormat says - it will put your mind at rest

CountessDracula · 12/12/2003 23:14

I should get him to a and e too - poor you what a nightmare.

If it's any consolation I think that it's ok to have quite a lot of nurofen, I take a lot for my arthritis sometimes. It's paracetomal that's really dangerous, thank god it wasn't the calpol.

Big hugs to you ((((((((()))))))))

bossykate · 12/12/2003 23:19

crikey, twiglett, what a worry. i really hope he is ok, please let us know.

twiglett · 12/12/2003 23:37

message withdrawn

OP posts:
doormat · 12/12/2003 23:39

thank god twiglett he is ok,

lyndsey66 · 13/12/2003 00:00

Blimey I am soooo relieved! Have been sitting here waiting to check all ok! Think my hair has now turned grey. thank goodnes!

Angeliz · 13/12/2003 00:05

twiglett, i am so releived for you and your little boy! Have been worrrying about you and am so glad you're all o.k

hmb · 13/12/2003 08:04

I used to work for the drug safety department of Boot (whi mke nurofen). We used to get massive overdoses reported to us and the patient made a full recovery. Unlike paracetamol it is almost inpossible to kill yourself with ibuprofen. ODs can cause some damage to the lining of the stomach. Allways important to check it with the medics tho. Glad your little one is ON.

Bron · 13/12/2003 09:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula · 13/12/2003 12:30

thank god twiglett. I was wandering around staring at bottles of nurofen at about 1am wondering what was going on with you. xxxx

bossykate · 13/12/2003 12:32

oh thank goodness, twiglett, what a relief!

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