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Slapped cheek

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MaggieW · 08/12/2003 20:37

I think DS, 2, has this. Does anyone know how long is it contagious for? I've read some things about it but am a bit confused about how long I'll have to keep him away from other children.

Also, does anyone know a good medical dictionary website for children please?

OP posts:
popsycal · 08/12/2003 20:40

it is contagious but don't know any more
a definitie 'keep off school' thing
will ry to find a site for you

popsycal · 08/12/2003 20:42

try this to start with

popsycal · 08/12/2003 20:44


popsycal · 08/12/2003 20:45

and this
hope this helps...

smartie · 09/12/2003 18:21

Maggie, we've just had this I started a thread, last message 3rd December called 'why am i swelling' It's horrible particularly in adults, very sore, from personal experience of this recently I say expose your children to it and avoid pregnant women. Apparently epidemics occur every 3-7 years, our area is certainly having one at the moment. Where are you?

No real advice, sorry, hope you can be rid of it before Christmas!

chatee · 09/12/2003 18:42

it's been reported in our area too...

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