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Am I being unfair or is she not well ????

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ANGELMOTHER · 08/12/2003 13:23

My dd1 nearly four is I think incredibly lazy, she balks at the idea of having to walk anywhere and looks for a "carry" more often than not.
I must confess that we are not the most active of families erring more to indoor games than outdoor walks and travel by car everywhere, so I know it is partly our fault
However lately she's been complaining of pains in her legs and at the base of her back, but then seems quite capable of her ballet class and play at pre-school. We've had a lot of sickness in this house lately and at last visit to the doctor I had her check her over but all clear.
I suppose I don't want to ignore something if it is amiss but what could it be..........growing pains ?????

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Mo2 · 08/12/2003 13:33

Could be growing pains AngelMother - friend of ours had this with her son at about this age.

She's not carrying your baby around is she? Another friend of mine with a DD a bit older realised it was because of 'baby-lifting!'

How is your little one anyway? And why not get them running around at DOnyngs at a weekend and we'll come and meet your there! (often there anyway)


ANGELMOTHER · 08/12/2003 16:55

Like minds Mo2, I was in Donyngs today not the playroom but at the physio with my neck ouch ! but was thinking I should bring dd1 back up again, as haven't been in ages. Oh and we did say we'd meet up didn't we, I'm such a wuss meeting new people please don't think me rude.
We're going home (Ireland) for Xmas next week but if I e-mail you when we get back we could meet and swap Xmas horror stories !!!!????

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