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need an alturnative to calpol?

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misdee · 06/12/2003 22:31

well jus the flavour really. dd2 hates the taste, seems to make her vomit (almost every time she has it she will vomit within 30mins) she is currently cutting her back teeth, so is very miserable at night mainly. i had to give her nurofen last night to ease the pain as i cant get teething gel on her gums as she bites me hard, she has almost all her teeth now. dd1 cant have nurofen as it affects her asthma, was told boots do an ornage flavour paracetamol but they didnt have any in or have stopped doing it when i looked.

anyone know of any different flavoured or non flavoured products i could try (dd1 is 3.5years, dd2 is 15months.)

OP posts:
auntymabel · 06/12/2003 22:34

Ibuprofen for children worked for my ds when he was teething. It's orange flavoured I think.

misdee · 06/12/2003 22:36

ibroprofen isnt suitable for dd1 tho, again the asthma thing.

OP posts:
bunny2 · 06/12/2003 22:37

There are teething powders you can get. I cant remember who mkaes then but I have a friend who swears by them. I'll try to find out the name.

anais · 06/12/2003 22:38

Have you asked in the chemist for their own brand? I have been told that disprol, disolved in water or whatever, is just as effective.


auntymabel · 06/12/2003 22:38

Sorry, I only scanned your message the first time (that'll teach me). Ibuprofen is the same as Nurofen so will be no good of course. We got some paracetamol suspension from the GP which wasn't calpol, not sure of the flavour though. I'll just go and have a sniff........ I tasted it and it's a bit indescribable - not as sweet as calpol though. Hope this helps.

bunny2 · 06/12/2003 22:40

Aston & Parsons teething powders OR Nelsons teething powders.

Try a health food shop??

auntymabel · 06/12/2003 22:41

We also used Anbesol (sp?) which is liquid you just rub on - not good with sharp teeth though. Be careful if you ask at the chemist though - I nearly asked for Anusol .

WideWebWitch · 06/12/2003 22:42

misdee, I think we've got the Boots own brand paracetomol - my ds loathes Calpol too and won't take it but will take this. Bunny2, are you thinking of Teethas teething powders? They're homeopathic IIRC.

misdee · 06/12/2003 22:44

i tried teething powders before, unfortunaly we wre on holiday at the town and unwrapping a little wrap of powder got me some funny looks. they didnt seem to have much effect so gave them to my younger sister who says they work for her dd.

used to be able to get a non flavoured one from the pharmancy a few years ago, but the name has slipped my mind, and boots only had the strawberry/raspberry flavout stuff.

dd2 seems ok tonight, but will try a different phramacy tomorrow.

OP posts:
WedgiesMum · 06/12/2003 22:50

Disprol do a junior one that is different to Calpol. And doesn't appear to have enumbers in it either...... And you should be able to get in from most chemists.

Davros · 06/12/2003 23:48

If none of the oral syrupy things work, ask your GP for those things you shove up their bum!!! I can't remember the technical name, sorry! It means you KNOW they've had a certain does and you don't have to worry about the flavour. I've got a pack but haven't resorted to them yet....

Ghosty · 07/12/2003 05:38

Misdee ... my DS has always had Disprol suspension ... that is what they gave him in hospital at 6 weeks so that is what we stuck with ... it is slightly banana flavoured and isn't flourescent pink.
I now live in NZ where they don't have it but I brought a truck load with me when we moved

SoupDragon · 07/12/2003 07:52

Lloyds Pharmacy do one that's cherry and Boots have a choice of srawberry or orange (I see you've mentioned this one). Ica't remember what flavour Tescos version is! I think I've tried them all before at some point or another. Medised is another flavour altogether but this is not just straight paracetamol. DS1 never used to like the taste of Calpol so we used the Boots orange one.

Would using a dosing syringe make it taste less strongly? It's not being sucked off the spoon then so might not be as noticeable.

I hope you find something soon & that your DD2 is happier!.

chatee · 07/12/2003 09:16

another vote foe disprol, my dd won't touch calpol...anbesol again for the teething....good luck

Zerub · 07/12/2003 09:55

You can put teething gel on a toothbrush to rub it on their gums without risking your fingers (if they'll let you put a toothbrush in their mouth that is).

I don't know how old your dd is; mine is 18 months and will only have nurofen. If I need to give her something different I mix a dose with a fromage frais and then put it all back in the little plastic pot so she doesn't know its been adulterated .

misdee · 07/12/2003 12:42

teething gel on a toothbrusdh, that genius!!!! she loves her teeth being brushed, so will try that one.

would rather get a unflavoured colour free paracetamol, as when dd was younger she couldnt tolerate additives in her food, so i think this could be the problem here as well.

OP posts:
emkaren · 07/12/2003 14:23

I know British people are usually horrified by the thought, but in Germany the most common way to give medicine to a child is by giving them a suppository (sp?). I think they are great, MUCH easier to administer, you can even do it while they are asleep and they don't notice a thing. I HAD to get them for dd1, because she would always scream the place down if I tried to give her Calpol, and spit the little bit that I managed to get into her out again.

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