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Daughters Hip problem...

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salt · 04/12/2003 08:42

I started a thread a while ago as dd was having checks on her hips but I can't for the life of me find it now so I've created another one...

After months and months of Health People saying "I think she's fine but we'll just send her to/do XYZ to be sure" She finally had some x-rays. A few days ago I had a letter through saying basically that although her x-rays show she is 'offically normal' that she is at the upper end and only just 'normal' and so we have been referred to a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon(?), had a phone call last night saying an appointment has been made for next week.

Does anyone know what I should expect? What does an Orthopedic Surgeon do? will he decide if she needs an operation? Will this be a final decision and mean no more piller-to-post not-quite-knowing...?!?

OP posts:
Tissy · 04/12/2003 09:25

Salt, if the Xray is normal, even only just normal, the Orthopaedic surgeon is unlikely to recommend an operation. He/ she will examine her hips, watch her walking and probably recommend a repeat Xray in a few months.


chatee · 04/12/2003 09:35

how old is your dd? is she your first born?
where are you seeing the ortopedic surgeon?

lots of questions....i know but my dd has had a dislocated hip and we've been there with the treatment etc....
will give you more info if you want..

salt · 04/12/2003 09:58

She's 18months now and yes she's my first. I think it's not that serious - she seems to get around just fine.

She has a little bit of an odd gait and has always refused to crawl but I really can't see that there's a problem, I just wish someone would give us the all clear... I'm fed up with hearing "I thinks She's fine but I'll refer you to just to be sure"

A Dislocated hip is much more serious isn't it?

OP posts:
chatee · 04/12/2003 12:06

dislocated hips are more common in 1st born girls so you are wise to want to get it checked out.has she had an ultra sound scan as well as an x-ray?
my dd was fortunate it was diagnosed at birth but some children with only a minor dislocation of the hip manage to slip through the net.i actually met a friend of my mums who had brought her baby neice to visit my mum(she was 15 months old) and she walked with an odd gait, i was concerned as had seen a similar walk in the ward when children were in to have their ops(as the day before the op they are running/walking around like normal),after she left i told my mum my concerns and she spoke to her friend to tell her to mention it to h/v at next check cut a long story short it was only slightly out of joint but enough for an op.the sooner it's picked up the better....
ps my dd was treated at a specialist centre not the local hospital and goes there for yearly check ups!

Blu · 04/12/2003 18:11

Salt, at last you are seeing an expert at Consultant level: he/she will make the decision as to whether any treatment is needed, and will refer you straight to it. If there IS a problem, treatment can take all sorts of forms, from mild physio onwards. (surgeon doesn't necessarily mean they operate: just that they can if needs be).

If you want to get to grips with the terminology of hip poblems, and find out about some of the problems that do sometimes exist, the STEPS charity has a very informative website, with info, case histories and a discussion board.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Tissy · 04/12/2003 20:14

Dislocated hip is more common in 1st born girls, but still rare- your dd's Xray is normal; she does not have a dislocated hip. Very mild abnormalities can occasionally progress to dislocation over a prolonged period of time, that is why the GP has referred your dd on. It is likely that he/ she will take a series of Xrays over the course of a few months to see if the progress is in the right direction, if it is, no problem. If not, something more may need to be done.

KatieMac · 04/12/2003 21:19

I had double discolating hips and my daugther had an early check. I was told she was fine and to get another check at 6 weeks and 6 months. At the 6 month check she had problems...but she worn a harness (attaching her feet to her chest - like a frog) for 6 months. She is 6 now and runs around - she doesn't know how to stop!

Gilli · 04/12/2003 22:02

Salt - my 19 month old dd has just been confirmed as having hypermobility of her hips and ankles. She can't stand or walk and bottomshuffles rather than crawls. Last week the orthopaedic surgeon saw her, x-rayed her and said her hips are normal, but has referred her for physiotherapy to help her mobility develop properly. He says he will see her again in two months. Could this be similar to your dd?. He told me this joint laxity is common in girls. I have had the first session with the physio and have a list of exercises to go through every day. I had to see the physio privately (£25) for first session as the NHS can't see her until Feb, but she will slot into the system then. Interestingly the physio told me that if they don't crawl it can hinder the development of muscles such as the shoulder girdle and abdominals, and they need all these for balance and the abs help to keep the pelvis, and therefore the hips, in place.

The surgeon also said he looked forward to seeing dd at the Moulin Rouge!

salt · 05/12/2003 08:45

Gilli, DD walks but has never crawled. I have a friend who's little girl didn't walk until 20-months or so, she wouldn't put weight on her legs either but still my friends GP would not refer her anywhere!!

OP posts:
salt · 15/12/2003 16:11

We got the all clear from the surgeon! I am so pleased. He doesn't even want to keep an eye on her. He said she was fine and talked me through her x-rays, what he could see and what he would expect to see if there was a problem etc... my faith in the NHS is restored.

OP posts:
Twinkie · 15/12/2003 16:31

Message withdrawn

Blu · 16/12/2003 13:58

Excellent news, Salt, very pleased to hear it.

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