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Facial skin graft - how to conceal it

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Year0 · 23/11/2001 09:59

I just had a benign lentigo (brown patch) removed from my cheek and a skin graft 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am fine and well but the graft looks ghastly (think frankenstein) and the hospital don't seem to have any leaflets or advice on what I can do to conceal it. I am still wearing a taped dressing solely because no-one has been able to suggest any alternative. The camouflage clinic won't see me without a referral letter which can apparently take 2 or 3 weeks to be typed. There must be better ways around!
Does anyone have any experience of this and is there anything I could do at this stage to camouflage it? Any websites or self-help groups? Thanks very much.

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Suedonim · 23/11/2001 10:43

YearO, my friend in America had a skin graft on her nose this summer, after a skin cancer was removed. It was pretty hidous, sort of yellow and dead-looking, and mushy, when the dressing came off after ten days. She kept a large Band Aid on it for another couple of weeks, by which time it was healing pretty well.

I haven't seen her since then, but she said that by the time she went back to work (a teacher) in September it was hardly noticeable. That was over a period of about 6 weeks. She was shocked by how gruesome it looked at first but also amazed at how quickly it healed up. Apparently, it's only visible now if you peer closely at her nose.

This isn't much help to you, in practical terms, but it might cheer you up a bit to know someone else has been through the same thing.

Oh, something has popped into my head - what about asking in a Boots the chemist about it? They may well be able to suggest something.

Good luck.

Chanelno5 · 23/11/2001 21:04

What about Dermablend make-up? I'm not sure where you get it from as have only seen it advertised on QVC, but it looks as though it is very good, and may be of help to you. You could try doing a search on it (I will aswell).

Year0 · 24/11/2001 17:32

Thank you both very much for the cheering messages. I will act on your advice.

OP posts:
Chanelno5 · 25/11/2001 10:16

Year0 - You may have found it already, but I did a search for Dermablend on Google and it came up with quite alot, so worth a look. Also, they have a website

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