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MMR again sorry - single jab contacts please

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popsycal · 22/11/2003 20:13

The only contact that I can find for single jabs for DS is Direct Health 2000.
HAs anyone got any comments about them or can suggest others to research
I am in the north
thanks in advance folks

OP posts:
hmb · 22/11/2003 20:14

If you do a search, I think this has been covered not so long ago.

popsycal · 22/11/2003 20:14

will do.thanks

OP posts:
bluecow · 24/11/2003 12:34

If you contact the JABS website they have a long list of places they can send you. They're at

twiglett · 24/11/2003 12:42

message withdrawn

ThomCat · 24/11/2003 12:56

Sorry the place I went to is in Hemel hempstead so not much use to you.

Boot1 · 24/11/2003 13:57

popsycal, our DD also had her jabs (all three) at the Eltham Direct Health clinic. Very good, no problems. I understand now that there is some difficulty getting hold of certain jabs. At the time we didn't have to wait for any, it was a period of 6 week intervals. She was fine after. I am pretty sure that there are other Direct Health clincs over the country. However, when we got to the clinic there were people that had travelled as far as Scotland to get them done!!

MatthewsMum · 18/12/2003 12:26

Popsycal try they hold Outreach Clinics in York (havn't been, yet). So can't tell you much more other than they seem very helpful on phone. Good Luck

Davrosthesnowman · 18/12/2003 19:49

If any good to you Google Holborn Medical Centre. I didn't need to go to them for thimerosil-free baby jabs as my GP gave me them but I contact HMC and they were very efficient, sent forms etc.

lyndsey66 · 18/12/2003 20:15

like bluecow suggested we went to the jabs website. From there we deided to use a clinic Desumo in Worcester 01531 634650 . It is a clinic that was set up by mums. We paid £100 for measles jab and it is going to cost £80 each for the mumps and rubella. As soon as we registered they sent us a massive registration pack and some vitamins to boost our ds immune system.
I must admit it Desumo is quite away from us as we are in Essex! But it looked like a good clinic so we are travelling up for each jab!
If you have any trouble getting the list of registered clinics from the jabs website let me know because I can e-mail it to you.

popsicicle · 18/12/2003 20:16

lynsdey what were the vitamins??
i am very intrested to find out

lyndsey66 · 18/12/2003 21:22

They are a complex made up by one of the doctors using research published into childrens immune systems in relation to vaccination. Desumo are producing the vitamins with a leading manufacturer. (hope this makes sense - there is so much literature I am trying to thin it down!)
They contain all sorts including vitamin B5, 3, 6, 1 and 2, folic acid, magnesium ascorbate, calcuim (the list goes on and on - if you want full ingredients let me know)
You can buy them from the clinic without having your jabs done there. They are £3.85 for 30 day supply. Not sure about how effective - if at all they are - but if you want some let me know at any time and I will send you all the details. Hope this helps x x

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