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Things I really should know about periods.

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pie · 21/11/2003 12:44

As I saw my GP for my 6 week check with a fever of 102.7 I forgot to ask her something, so I'm hoping someone will know.

Am I allowed to use tampons now?

Oh and whilst I'm here, I haven't bled for 3 weeks but yesterday there was some bleeding. This is my period isn't it?

Baby is nearly 7 weeks and I'm exclusively b/f, it was very very light, but blood. This is my sodding period isn't it?

Please tell me I can use tampons, I hate sanitary towels.

OP posts:
Northerner · 21/11/2003 12:46

I don't see any reason why not. I dis at this stage.

BTW sorry to be crude, but when I first used tampons again they didn't fit quite as well!

zebra · 21/11/2003 12:48

Yes, tampons are ok.

It may not be your period; I know the breastfeeding gurus claim you can have a sudden 6 week bleed which is basically late lochia, not your period. But either way, I guess you should be cautious about birth control.


musica · 21/11/2003 12:48

pie, may not be. I thought that too - I had stopped bleeding at about 4 or 5 weeks, but then had some more bleeding at just afer 6 weeks. Like you it was very light and blood, and I thought it was my period. But then it continued on and off for a few days, and recurred if I carried dd in the sling too much. So I looked on the web and found about a phenomenon called '6 week bleeding' - apparently it is common for women to bleed again at 6 weeks. With me it stopped at around 8 or 9 weeks, and nothing since (dd is now coming up to 16 weeks.).

Of course it may be your period! Don't know about tampons - I think it's fine after your lochia has settled, but I don't know.

zebra · 21/11/2003 12:48

And ps, my tampons fit fine post-partum. Neener Neener.

pie · 21/11/2003 12:50

zebra I have an appointment on Monday to talk about the mirena, no way will I chance 'Irish Twins'

I think I had an ovulation pain about 7 days ago as well.

Hope you're right about last bit of lochia. Hate having AF to visit.

OP posts:
Northerner · 21/11/2003 13:03

LOL Zebra! In my defence I did have a ventouse and forcep delivery though. That must have stretched things a bit

doormat · 21/11/2003 13:14

pie blimey was the baby born 6 weeks ago, only seems like last week, time does fly
tampons would be fine.

steppemum · 21/11/2003 16:24

northener, I'm glad I'm not the only one. ds is 11 months, and I still have a problem with tampons not wanting to stay put even after loads of pelvic floor exercises etc. I blame ds's huge head (sigh!)

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