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Nappies and teething

11 replies

codswallop · 18/11/2003 10:09

I know doctors say there is no link - but really.

ds3s bum is absolultey explosive at the mo - two front teeth coming in


OP posts:
codswallop · 18/11/2003 12:58

ANyone ever teethed and not noticed a link?

Its the sour smell that does it

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suedonim · 18/11/2003 13:16

I've never noticed any link between teething and ill health or other symptoms, with my four. Although I do now recall that ds1 was crabbit when his last couple of molars came through. Their teeth just kind of appeared, I often didn't even know they had new teeth until a spoon clanked on them or they bit me!

The older ones have whinged a bit about their wisdom teeth, though.

bobsmum · 18/11/2003 13:18

Yes - we get minging tangy pongy nappies for about 2/3 days before a tooth is about to appear. I think it's something to do with them swallowing all the excess saliva?

CountessDracula · 18/11/2003 13:22

I agree dd's nappy was nuclear when teething. And terrible nappy rash for first time ever

Freddiecat · 18/11/2003 13:32

Doctor gave me a scientific explanation. When babies teeth then they produce excess saliva. Saliva is the only alkaline bodily fluid and so when excess amounts of this enters the gut it reacts with other bodily fluids (stomach acid mainly) and gets passed via kidneys into the bladder as wee. Apparently that's the reason it smells so much. Also is the reason many toddlers have bad diahorea (can never spell that) when they are teething - excess saliva.

I had to tell DP the other day that the rancid smell wasn't coming from the wee the cat had just done inside but from his son's soggy nappy....

codswallop · 18/11/2003 14:00

he has done 4 monsters since 4 am

OP posts:
Demented · 18/11/2003 14:09

Nice codswallop!

We have this too, my DH can't change a teething nappy, he say he would throw up. Men!

jasper · 18/11/2003 23:28

like Suedonnim I have never observed a connection between teeth coming through and any signs or symptoms whatsoever, with any of my three.

Demented · 19/11/2003 19:16

Ah, but your a Dentist Jasper!

Don't most Dentists claim that teething causes no pain?

Demented · 19/11/2003 19:17

Darn, that's the wrong "your" it should be your're.

KMS · 19/11/2003 22:18

I am definate that when DS1 & DS2 were teething foul smelling explosive nappies for a couple of days then a tooth. Every time!

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