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sykes · 07/11/2003 11:12

My (just) four-year old had an eye test on Wednesday and, to my complete surprise, has very bad vision in her left eye. She is being referred to a specialist for further tests, MAY need glassses, MAY need to wear gasses with a patch, MAY be something else. Do realise that, in the greater scheme of things, with other peoples' childrens' problems, it's not exactly the end of the world but am still worried etc. Any advice/experience?

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Loobie · 07/11/2003 11:45

My ds1 dodgy vision was only picked up when he started school.He too had bad vision in one eye but perfect in the other they call it Amblyopia or lazy eye.He could only see the first line of the chart with his bad eye so was refered firstly to the local optician then to the eye department of our local hospital.He now wears glasses all the time which have one lens stronger than the other,though he can see perfectly well without them too as the good eye compensates for the bad which is why it was never noticed.The optician first thought he would have to wear them for life but are now saying only till he's 12,he is 8 now.He never had to wear patches though they were discussed with us,the patch is worn over the good eye to make the bad one work,it is only for set periods during the day and usually when the eyes are being used most i.e when reading or writing etc.
Love loobie xx

Loobie · 07/11/2003 11:48

Sorry meant to add that the earlier this is discovered the quicker and easier it is to correct as after age 8 it cannot be fixed.

whymummy · 07/11/2003 11:48

hi sykes,did she have the test at school?ds had one done at school and i was told that his right eye was very,very bad,i waslike you, worried sick,went to hospital for a proper eye test and there was nothing wrong with his eyes!!!i hope this is the case with you,try not to worry too much,good luck

sykes · 07/11/2003 11:51

Thanks, sorry, she didn't have the test done at school, it seems to be a local policy to test before they start school. Although, to confuse the issue she does, sort of, attend a school ... But the local health authority are offering this test to all children under a certain age. Which is good. Thanks again.

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fio2 · 07/11/2003 12:10

sykes my dd (3) wears glasses, for long-sightedness and a patch for 2 hours a day over her right eye. It works. The patch is a bit uncomfortable as I have tried doing it myself to see how she feels and it really irritated me() Apparently they like to use glasses and eye patching from as early as possible now because the kiddies have better vision when they are older - instead of like years ago when ouyr eyes used to get worse iykwim

The first eye test they put drops in their eyes and wait about 45mins just so they can have a good look into the eye and make sure there is no disease etc. and then its just like a lenses test. I worried too but it is fine

sykes · 07/11/2003 12:32

Thanks, Fio2. Am sure it will be fine and h has terrible vision (helped when we were first together and didn't want him to see me without makeup on, so vain, I'd whip his glasses off) so not really surprising. I'm lucky enough to have great eyesight and hoped she'd inhereit it. Never mind, I'll just wait for the referral. Glad she was caught young.

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robinw · 08/11/2003 06:44

message withdrawn

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