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Computer help needed to help my sanity

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popsycal · 04/11/2003 17:51

Calling all you computer teckies out there!
In Microsoft Word 2002, I want to add the Equation Editor 3 to my toolbar - I know how to do this - I use it at work.
It lets me add the icon to the tool bar then says it needs to be installed when I try to use it.

I try to install it from the CD but it won't.
Have searched Microsoft website - apparently there is a bug if you run Word with particular versions of Windows and Adobe something or other.
Tried to find a fix on the internet but with no success.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly welcomed (other than 'get a life you sad person!)

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 05/11/2003 10:59

Type this in your address bar and press return. When you arrive at the website click the "scan without registering" link and follow the instructions. It will scan your whole computer for you. If it does detect a virus simply click on the Clean button to get rid of it.

CD discs can also be infection, so it might be worth checking that your CD is not infected, otherwise every time you insert your CD you are re-infecting your pc.

Also, can you possibly zip the file up at work and send it to your home pc?

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