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I think I've broken my toes!

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lou33 · 26/10/2003 12:51

Stumbled last night and rammed my 3rd and 4th toe against the corner of the fireplace, and it really hurt at the time. They started swelling and bruising immediately, so I took painkillers and strapped them, but got woken at 3 am in agony. This morning they are purple around the entire toe, and up and down their length, and hurt to stand on. Do they sound broken? The strapping I have keeps coming off, but I am reluctant to go to the hospital to have them checked,if they will just leave them as they are. Will they just be buddy taped if I go and hang around for hours at a&e?

OP posts:
pie · 26/10/2003 13:42

It does sound like they could be broken, my mum broke hers about 6 months ago and you're right all they did at A&E was to strap them together, binding them to the next unbroken toe.

If you feel that there is nothing more than breakage going on then I would say strap them yourself. If you are worried there is more than that (though what I don't know!) then get them checked out.

Hope the bruising goes down soon and they don't get worse

robinw · 26/10/2003 14:01

message withdrawn

lou33 · 26/10/2003 15:39

Thanks Pie and Robin. I can put some weight on it now, but am hobbling a fair bit. I think I will give it a bit longer before I go off to casualty, see if it improves.

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 26/10/2003 20:36

Lou - I did the same thing with my middle toe about a year ago. I went to casualty, only to be told to keep weight off it. They said that all they could do was strap it, so it was really a waste of time going! However, if you have hurt several toes, maybe it would be worth checking out?

robinw · 27/10/2003 07:55

message withdrawn

suedonim · 27/10/2003 10:44

My ds broke his toe and it was just strapped. But it was worth being x-rayed because they told us sometimes the broken bone can become misaligned, which can lead to arthritis in later years. If that had been the case it would have needed to be manipulated (yeeeuch!) back into position. Hope the toes improve v soon.

lou33 · 27/10/2003 22:35

Thanks again. I managed to get some granny boots on today and hobble with the kids around Arundel Castle without too much pain (although v slow), so it must be improving.They are a lovely shade of purple and black now. I did try and visit the local minor injury unit yesterday, as it was supposed to be open , but it wasn't so gave up and went for a pizza instead! I'm hoping that the fact I could get boots on (with a bit of a heel, because the only flatties I own are flip flops)and walk is a good sign. Maybe they are just v badly bruised and swollen. I'm supposed to be going dancing the weekend after next, so I hope that is all it is.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 28/10/2003 10:25

I think I broke my toe a few weeks ago- the little one. It went purple as well. Doesn't hurt now but still can't move it. I didn't bother with a and e- not very autism friendly

hope they're less sore soon.....

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