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Marina · 26/10/2001 12:31

Does anybody know what this looks like? Our son has a small patch of scaly skin on his scalp and is not normally prone to this kind of thing. It is not red or inflamed (although if his parents keep prodding at it this might change) so I am not sure if it is ringworm. And I daren't ask the nursery staff in case they jump to conclusions and exclude him for weeks...

OP posts:
Winnie · 26/10/2001 12:55

Marina, I had ringworm as a child and what you describe doesn't sound like it (although I may of course be wrong). What I remember was a raised area (rather like a booster jab mark) but slightly ringed (rather like a tree would be). Sorry I am not sure that helps at all.

Joe1 · 26/10/2001 19:39

I know what it looks like on horses and as we can catch it from them it would look the same. I would say it looks as Winnie describes it, a bit like a lungworm in the sand but not so pronounced. It is very contagious so if he had it so would you if you have been doing lots of touching of it.

Robinw · 26/10/2001 20:59

message withdrawn

Rhiannon · 27/10/2001 04:36

I noticed that my little boy had a little circular raised mark on his face at the dinner table on Christmas day last year. By 6pm the doctor had seen us as I was in a panic. He gave us Canesten cream and it went as quickly as it came. R.

Helenmc · 05/11/2001 21:49

My kids picked up ringworm earlier in the year - and we got prescribed - athletes foot cream - daktarin it's an anti-fungal cream (isn't cansten the same). We were told as soon as you start treating it it isn't infectious and they went to the childminder/nursey. Unfortunately they gave it to the cat and he lost all the fur on his ears
!!!. We got pills for him, as he'd have licked the cream off. On the kids it was raised rosy pink round patch with smaller bumps all the same colour. They didn't find it itchy, but they had it on their arms and body and not in their hair. But definitely not scaly. have you got a NHS direct/walk in place, or go and ask Boots or your local pharmist. Be bold and be brave- the sooner you get it diagnosed the sooner you can clear it up. Also are you thoroughly rinsing their hair? could it be your son finds the shampoo has become irratating?
let's us know how you get on.

Marina · 06/11/2001 10:14

Thanks for all your messages. I don't think it is ringworm. I'm probably worrying out of all proportion but although he had cradle cap as a young baby he has no dry skin/eczema type problems, and surely if it was a reaction to his mild shampoo it would be more widespread than it is. Just one small patch of flaky skin...I will try olive oil on it for a few days and if that does not work, we'll be off to the GP, who will probably laugh in my face and tell me to grow up.

OP posts:
Joe1 · 06/11/2001 10:42

Marina, popped into Boots yesterday and they have a new range of shampoo etc for sensitive skin. I bought some for DS as he has slight ezema (sp never can) and dry skin like me, seems to have worked from first try.

Cll · 08/07/2003 22:25

Think dd has a patch of ringworm - a friend who is a GP saad that's what it was and told us to buy canesten cream. I thought it was just an eczema flare up/patch of dry skin. She only has one patch - I didn't realise it was catching. Anyone know what causes it. Dh is in a panic cos he thinks its something to do with worms, but I'm sure (in fact I know) it isn't! Ds has raised bumps all over his back and a few small eczema type patches - could this be ringworm also. Do we have to do different towels etc?

lou33 · 08/07/2003 22:29

Have a look at this , it may help you and dh.

judetheobscure · 08/07/2003 23:12

For those who haven't time for the link, it's a fungus and it is infectious so separate towels would be advised. I had it several years back, on my arm, it looked like a ring of slightly raised dots.

anais · 08/07/2003 23:33

I had it very badly as a child (caught from the hedgehogs we had in the garden). By the time they realised what it was I had it all over my head, which was painful and had weeping sores all over. I was in hosptal for a few days and off school for weeks. It is very contagious.

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