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Anyone else in Teething Hell?

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FairyMum · 14/10/2003 11:16

Argh...forgot to add heading below, so trying again:

My Ds is teething and he is in a really bad way. He is irritable, fussing, feverish with bleeding gum. Won't eat any food. Not even chocolate!!!! It's been going on for days now and he won't sleep at night. I can't remember dd being that bad (maybe I have blocked it out?).
How long is this going to go on for? He is 2 years old and I think this is his last molars......
Anyone had really bad experiences with teething ? I need to know this is normal and just a passing phase. Please!

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allatsea · 14/10/2003 11:28

Fairymum, you have my every sympathy. I don't think our teething hell can quite match yours and we're finding difficult! DD is 18mo, we have all suffered every time a tooth looks like appearing. She get very irritable, burst into tears, and has in the past not eaten for 10 days. (She did have lots of milk) Our dilemma is what to do at night. If we give her half a dose of Calpol at bedtime she usually sleeps all night. However, we are aware that doing this too often can lead to a build up of unprocessed paracetamol in her liver. Each teething session lasts 3 or 4 weeks, so that's a lot of Calpol. Teething granules work quite well as do teething rings. We put them in the freezer (contrary to instructions)
Any other suggestions gratefully accepted!!

LIZS · 14/10/2003 11:33

We do have bouts of sleep problems and fussiness in behaviour and over food due to teething but never with a fever in either ds or dd. Could the gum have got infected - perhaps the tooth is erupting and something has got trapped in the broken gum and got inflamed. Think it would be worth consulting dr or dentist/hygenist as tooth pain and infections can be quite debilitating.


aloha · 14/10/2003 11:44

Fairymum, my ds is the same age as yours and has been getting his molars I think - I asked if his mouth hurts and he pointed to his back teeth and says 'back'. But he has also had a very nasty bug (I now know how nasty because I've got it too and dh has just got over it) and I think the combination has made him very unhappy indeed - clingy, irritable, tearful etc. we got our first proper night's sleep without a 5am wake for four days last night, and that's because he's over the bug, and we gave him nurofen baby plus Medised. He's a different boy today. I suspect your ds might also have a bug as well as the teething. If he's in pain I recommend alternating Nurofen and Calpol to help him out and help him sleep. I do sympathise!

aloha · 14/10/2003 11:44

BTW the bug we've all had made us ache all over and go hot and cold and feverish, so it would really be very uncomfortable for a baby.

FairyMum · 14/10/2003 14:07

Yes, I think he might have a little bit of a cold too. Poor little thing. I have tried calpol and it does work. Lizs, I hadn't thought it could be an infection, but I will keep an eye on it.
Thanks for all replies. Made me feel better

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