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painful knees & ankles

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magnum · 13/10/2003 18:50

I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing? I have never had a problem with aching joints or anything like that but since having my dd 4 months ago my knee joints and ankle joints are really painful. If i kneel on the floor to change her it is really quite difficult to get back up. When I have been resting for a while I find my ankles and knees are quite stiff and its hard to walk for a while. My pelvis ached a lot during the end of my pregnancy. Is all this just down to the extra weight? I am not overweight now and not really very old (early thirties) Does anyone know if there is anything I can do or do I just have to put up with it? Its making me feel very old!!

OP posts:
Jimjams · 13/10/2003 19:02

Oh yes yes yes. Right knee went after both boys- took quite a while to die down. Mentioned it amongst my antenatal group after having ds1 and they were all the same. It's one of those things they don't tell you about!

Eeek · 13/10/2003 19:15

yes, me too. try cod liver oil - it seems to be working for me. I've a horrible feeling age might have something to do with it too!

fisil · 13/10/2003 19:40

Me too - couldn't kneel for ages. Getting out of bed I felt about 90. Much better now though.

lou33 · 13/10/2003 19:44

I have permanent problems with my knees and my wrists, due to a collagen deiciency, so I sympathise. It's been getting worse since I was about 15, and now I have restricted movement in my left knee (about 90 degree flexion), and my right wrist is pathetically weak (can't open jars, use force). I suspect your problems are from being pg, but you sould go and get yourself checked to make sure everything is ok. You may need anti inflammatories or a painkiller. Be careful with painkillers though, as they can mask the pain too effectively, and cause you to over exert the area in question. Then you can end up worse than before. Good luck.

magnum · 13/10/2003 19:47

Glad to hear i'm not alone!! It certainly is a side affect I wasn't warned about! I'll have a go with the cod liver oil and hope that helps. It's horrible not being able to leap about like I used to. Along with the new wrinkles every morning, must just be another symptom of age I wonder if the cod liver oil will work on them as well??

OP posts:
magnum · 13/10/2003 19:48

Thanks lou33, might get checked out just to be sure!!

OP posts:
Eeek · 13/10/2003 19:50

no sign of any improvement - my wrinkles have wrinkles! I did see Angela Ripon on tv saying you should use hemeroid (can't spell and too lazy to find dictionary - sorry) cream to get rid of bags under the eyes. Willing to try it?

mears · 13/10/2003 22:34

magnum - it is probably worth seeing the doctor and getting your rheumatoid factor checked (blood test) incase you are showing signs of arthritis which can be helped by appropriate treatment and diet.

boyandgirl · 14/10/2003 20:07

After my no1 was born I developed agonising pains in my knees. It turned out that there was nothing actually wrong with my knees but that because of the pregnancy hormones and extra weight the arches of my feet had partially collapsed and the unnatural position was causing great strain on my knees. I had several sessions of physiotherapy which made a massive difference.

In my 2nd pregnancy I developed SPD, which is characterised by a lot of pain in the pelvis, and is also caused by the loosening effect of the pregnancy hormones on the ligaments.

I'd suggest physiotherapy and Birkenstock shoes.

Jane101 · 16/10/2003 20:15

I had painful ankles for several months after ds was born, and several of my friends had the same thing happen to them. It gradually got better though (sorry, I can't remember how long it took).

Bron · 16/10/2003 21:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Queenie · 16/10/2003 21:24

Yeh, I had this will dd. Really stiff ankles that restricted getting down stairs. They are OK now - I thought it may be due to lack of calcium because I had read that bf can strip you of calcium if your levels are low!? I took supplements for a while. Never suffered with DS and bf him for longer but was taking supplements also so I'm none the wiser.

WedgiesMum · 16/10/2003 22:08

I had this too and it was in my shoulders, elbows and hips too. It started twice whilst both of my children were still tiny babies. Went to see my GP who is a rheumatology specialist and he said that it was fibromyaligia cause by interrupted sleep patterns (not enough REM and deep sleep all at once, too much bits and bobs here and there) and that I could have pain killers (I didn't) but the best cure was plenty of uninterrupted sleep. Sure enough, once my children started sleeping through, and therefore so did, I the pain went away, although it did take a few weeks to take full effect. HTH

Bron · 17/10/2003 09:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

doormat · 17/10/2003 09:32

i have had this prob for the last few months. I found that taking cod liver oil capsules help alot but I would get it checked out with the doc.
Hope you feel better soon

Easy · 17/10/2003 14:57

no-ones mentioned glucosamine with chondroitin tablets. They help you to lubricate the joints, which is sometimes what starts to cause Knee problems. I was recommended them for my hips by my Chiropractor, and they are now so accepted by the medical profession that my mum gets them on prescription for her knees & hips.

Cheaper for us non-wrinklies tho to get them mail-order, I get mine on the web from a company called Goldshield

magnum · 17/10/2003 21:13

I have taken just one cod liver oil capsule today (extra strength) and feel a big improvement already. Is it my imagination or can they really work that quickly. (or is it the two glasses of red wine that I've had dulling the pain??)

OP posts:
doormat · 17/10/2003 21:18

Magnum as long as it works who cares
I know what it is like and it is very painful, esp going up the stairs.

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