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Nits!!!! Advice please

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Freddiecat · 10/10/2003 11:20

My DS is 18 mths and a few weeks ago we were both itching our heads. The HV checked his scalp when he had his HIB booster and said it was probably cradle cap. I had a doc appt the next week and asked the doctor about psoriasis as I was still itching. He checked and found a head lice! (v embarrasing).

Anyway (cut to the chase) have been treating myself and DS with Lyclear for the last 3 weeks once a week but he keeps picking them up from nursery. Last night DS and DP used some hardcore leave in overnight stuff. I combed conditioner through my hair with a nit comb and there was nothing so (probably foolishly but my hair coming out in clumps at the moment as it is) did not treat myself.

We alll 3 combed with the nit comb this morning and there was nothing. Then nursery phone me to say they found a live one! He was the first there and they combed almost immediately after I left!

Nursery owner's daughter (who also works there and her kids attend) phoned to apologise for staff bothering me unnessecarily as there is ynothing I can do until next Thursday night (nit treatment only every 7 days) and has told staff to stop combing kids hair as the parents are doing enough as it is. I asked her to ask the staff to make sure they do themselves! Didn't really mind being bothered but it could have waited.

Don't want to treat DS again as he's had 2 Lyclear doses and one of this hardcore stuff and it can't be good for him.

What are other MN's experiences of nit? Do they go eventually or will we all have nits until DS goes to university?

OP posts:
whymummy · 10/10/2003 11:27

use tea tree oil conditioner,then comb and rinse it will keep the lice away,i've been using it on ds for nearly a year and it has worked

Freddiecat · 10/10/2003 12:02

Will try that whymummy - any particular brand?

OP posts:
whymummy · 10/10/2003 12:05

hi freddiecat,no,i use saynsbury's one,any will do

Jaybee · 10/10/2003 12:49

I second whymummy's use of tea tree conditioner. Wet comb, if you find any live ones, wet comb again two days later, if it is then clear, wet comb again a week later to catch any that may have hatched.
I have also recently found a spray repellent which is tea tree, lavender based. Have been wet combing with the conditioner once a week and spraying too - had no problems for ages despite several outbreaks at school.

Batters · 10/10/2003 12:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CONNEELY · 10/10/2003 13:02

Hi, I am a Hairdresser and know the only way to treat them is to everybody's hair that has been in contact with him.once you have done the treatment,comb the hair with a nit comb(imo this works best)do the same for all of you.
Then when the hair is dry do the same again,then every time u wash the hair try using a teatree shampoo and cond,they hate the small..Everyone elses advice is spot on,although try to alternate tea tree con with a normal one as used to ofton drys the hair out and can also get to used to the hair..
I know how much of a pain headlice can be as my niece used to always be coming home from pre-school,keep at it though,it does work in the end.

Freddiecat · 10/10/2003 14:45

Thank you so much for all the advice. Was beginning to despair of ever being rid of them.

Bought Tesco Tea Treee conditioner at lunchtime. Decided not to buy the Origins Tea Tree and Mint one as I think it might be a bit too zingy for DS!

I have a university reunion at the weekend and the thought of taking my "visitors" with me was just too much!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 10/10/2003 15:52

Freddiecat, very common, really nothing to be embarrassed about, honestly! PITA though aren't they? Agree, combing through with tea tree and a nit comb every night for 10 days or so will get them all and the eggs. Good luck.

misdee · 10/10/2003 22:13

i didnt think nursery's and schools were allowed to check kiddies hair these days?
my kids have had headlice, just condition and combing is all i can suggest.

best of luck

SofiaAmes · 10/10/2003 22:15

If you search on nits you will see all about my step kids and my nit nightmares.... I consider myself a bit of an expert at this point. The ONLY way to get rid of them is to nit comb every night. (Luckily with an 18 mo. old there isn't much hair and this is relatively easy.) For yourself, if your hair is long, put conditioner in first and dry comb with the conditioner. The upside is that you will have the shiniest softest hair in town. You might also want to check the practices in the nursery. Are they sharing pillows/bedding at naptime? Hat? Brushes?

judetheobscure · 10/10/2003 22:22

Jaybee - where do you get the spray -on stuff. I use the tea-tree conditioner once a week and on the boys it seems to be working fine but dd still prone to re-infestation - would like something easy like a spray-on to top up during the week.

Furball · 11/10/2003 20:58

Haven't had the joys of this yet (touch wood) so I'm still a bit green with info. Are those robi-comb electric comb thingys any good or just a waste of time/money?

whymummy · 11/10/2003 21:04

i nit comb the children's hair every wednesday and friday,like i said before they've not had any since using the tea tree oil conditioner and we get nit letters almost every week
also,nothing kills the eggs,so if you don't nit comb they just keep hatching

WideWebWitch · 11/10/2003 22:13

furball, seem to remember custardo saying those electric combs were good. I've only ever used plastic white nit combs and they definitely work though if you comb fairly hard, use tea tree and do it consistently for 10 days.

jampot · 11/10/2003 22:30

My daughter has had nits in reception and year one and the most effective rememdy I found was also tea tree conditioner and combing. However, would crimping irons (on dried hair) bbq the odd little egg left in situ?

binker · 15/10/2003 17:14

Freddiecat - I use a tea tree shampoo on my son when I wash his hair and comb through tea tree or neem conditioner once a week(with nit comb) for prevention purposes - also every day I rub through neem conditioner in the mornings (also acts as a handy styling aid !)- try Nice & Clear (from Boots) or Maristows (at health food shops) which smells very nice (of geranium and lavender- the neem ones have quite a distinctive smell).

Freddiecat · 15/10/2003 17:23

Various points to respond to now!

I tried the Tea Tree conditioner on DS. Unfortunately some got in his eyes (can't tell an 18 mth old to top his head back) and poor boy he was screaming and his eyes were so red afterwards.

SofiaAmes - DS has the thickest mop of hair imaginable and has had since birth so nit spotting is quite hard.

I might try some of this spray-on / leave-in stuff.

OP posts:
winnie1 · 16/10/2003 08:33

Freddiecat, agree with all the advice about de-nitting day in day out until they have gone. However this is extremely hard with a child son young and as you mention your child has a lot of hair my advice would be get it cut. Our ds has the thickest , loveliest mop of hair and I always let it grow too much (apparantly) because I love it so much but when nits are about it just has to go because it truly is a nightmare otherwise. HTH

waterbaby · 16/10/2003 08:38

If you use an aloe based shampoo its a natural pesticide (god knows how it works, apparently we can also use our washing up water) to kill blackfly) so will help keep nits away - it won't kill them if you've got them though.

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