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Squints, glasses, patches etc

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Minx · 12/10/2001 18:35

My daughter was diagnosed last year, at 3, as longsighted, with an astigmatism in one eye. She now wears glasses with no resistance.

However, shortly after she started wearing them, her weaker eye began to turn inwards, especially when she was tired. She, or rather I, now have to patch the stronger eye for about an hour each day. The sight in the weaker eye has improved but I'm not too sure about her squint.

Has anyone else had this problem and can it be rectified, really, without relying on surgery later?

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Anoushka · 12/10/2001 19:21

hi my son has had to wear glasses since he was two and a half he has the same as me poor chap the weak right eye they used to call it a lazy eye i has to patch his eye for a hour a day they said at two and a half the eye was so poor it had only about 10% vision and he is six now and it took a long time of patching but they have it at about 60% now witch is amazing i had a wounderful eye doctor at the hospital i would talk to him or her ask as many question mine was very helpful hope it helps

Minx · 13/10/2001 00:12

Anoushka - thanks for reply.

She has an appointment at the clinic on Friday so I shall see how she get's on then. Her weak eye improved by one line last time - it is now only one line below the stronger eye. But, I'm still concerned about the squint. It's for shallow cosmetic reasons really, although she doesn't squint with her glasses on. Apparently, this is a Good Thing.

OP posts:
Tigger2 · 13/10/2001 09:26

Minx, have you been referred to the Orthoptist regarding your daughters squint?, you must contact your GP if you have not. My eldest has had surgery to rectify her squint as it was very bad, and now wear glasses and has to wear a patch over the right eye to make the left eye stronger. We are having good results with the patching, now!, we didn't before as she wouldn't wear the sticky patches that we were first given and she also didn't like the woman we saw to begin with, she really was a horrible person, who treated my daughter like an idiot. Since we have changed to a new Orthoptist the improvement in her sight has been great, and I would urge you to contact your GP or Eye Clinic quickly. does your daughter squint when he has the patch on?, or is her eye squinting without the patch as well? I hope you get on ok.

Robinw · 13/10/2001 10:45

message withdrawn

Anoushka · 13/10/2001 16:22

hi robinw well as i said earler my son had to patch for two years and at about four and a half the laidy doctor said that i could stop then because the eyes are fully devloped at the age of four and a half so i would get a second oppinion because if you put you child throught the hassle of patching at an older age it might not do any good hope this helps

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