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Sensitive to cows milk ??

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WSM · 23/09/2003 21:58

Well, we're back in the crazy unpredictable newborn bowels territory now at 13 months, as we are trying our DD with whole cows milk. We started it about a month or so ago as we read that it is now ok to replace any formula feeds with whole cows milk feeds.

It doesn't appear to be going all that well, she seems to like the taste as the milk is downed in minutes but her nappies are chronic ! Rather than her usual one dirty nappy (fairly firm) after her morning nap, we are seeing 4 or 5 sloppy, smelly (like vomit/sour milk), which are all colours of the rainbow She seems to be in no discomfort when passing them but they are really a nightmare to change ! We reverted back to formula feeds last week in the hope that it would help her a little in the nappy dept, but there seeems to be little change.

Does it sound like an intolerance to you guys ? She has no rashes or other physical symptoms and seems perfectly normal in herself. If it is an intolerance, would she still be showing symptoms (the nappies) over 10 days after we stopped giving her the milk.

Her diet is very varied and she has a good appetite which includes Petit filous and cheese. There is no history of allergies like this in either family.

Have any of you guys experienced this when changing your babies over ? If so,how long did it last ?


OP posts:
WSM · 24/09/2003 09:39

Can anyone help me ?

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Jimjams · 24/09/2003 09:42

if she's been on cows milk formula then any intolerance or allergy should have showed up with that.

Maybe she's teething. Both boys poos go wild when teething.

WSM · 24/09/2003 09:44

Yeah, she has been on cows milk formulas and she also eats other cows milk dairy without adverse effects.

My DD has been teething constantly since she was 5 months old. She now has almost all of her teeth, give or take 2 or 3 !

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robinw · 24/09/2003 10:58

message withdrawn

WSM · 24/09/2003 11:10

Absolutely none robinw, just the milk change.

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boyandgirl · 24/09/2003 14:55

It does sound like she had a bug at the same time as starting cowmilk. IMO it would be best to cut out all dairy food as much as possible for a few weeks just in case. If she needs her milky bottle, then give her more dilute formula until her bowels return to normal. Otherwise reintroduce dairy food with plain live bio yogurt, then if she's ok with that, cheese, and only last of all regular milk. As robinw points out, the gut can have trouble dealing with milk after it's been ill with a bug, and that can lead on to a longer-term milk-intolerance. Yogurt is the most easily digested milk product, and helps to replenish gutbugs.

robinw · 25/09/2003 06:11

message withdrawn

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