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Spotty botty

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boyandgirl · 22/09/2003 15:49

My ds has been out of nappies in the day for two months and has been getting frequent spotty rashes on his buttocks. He was never prone to nappy rash before, and any sore bits would clear up quickly with Sudocrem. The spots now come and go, don't seem to be affected much by Sudocrem, and today for the first time they are blistering a little and itch him.

Anyone know what it could be, or what I could do to clear it up?

OP posts:
bobsmum · 22/09/2003 15:54

What washing powder do you use? It's probably the first time his bare bot has come into contact with it unless you used real nappies. Also if you use too much washing powder (even non bio) that can irritate too. If you use a lot less than the manufacturer's recommended dose, your clothes will still be fine and his bot might clear up. ditch fabric softener too - that's full of potential irritants - and re-introduce it gradually - use the pure stuff. Um...that's all I can really think of for now...sorry.

easy · 22/09/2003 15:59

When my ds was 2 he got a nasty persistant rash on his botty, which started to itch after a few days.

Turned out to be impertigo (sp?), and needed a quick course of antibiotics to clear it up. Oh, use seperate towels for a few days until infection goes, you can get it.

easy · 22/09/2003 16:00

oh, and when I took him into the drs surgery, he immediately dropped his pants and said "I've got a spotty botty" !!!

bunny2 · 22/09/2003 20:26

My son has had esxaclyt the same, also out of nappies for around 2 months. His skin got very itchy and had well-defined, raised red spots. Sudocrem made no difference so I tried matatnium cream which always worked on his nappy rash but disnt on these spots. Today I noticed they were weeping and white, like there was some pus under the skin so I him to the doctor who diagnosed a skin infection and gave us antibiotics and antibiotic cream. Sounds VERY similar to your ds so I'd recommend an early trip to your gp. BTW, the rash had already started spreading to his back and neck, I wish I had acted sooner.

bunny2 · 22/09/2003 20:27

oops, lots of typos, sorry, tired.

Furball · 22/09/2003 20:42

easy - Gosh, your doctor dropped his pants???

boyandgirl · 24/09/2003 15:37

I took ds to the GP yesterday - apparently he's got shingles! I thought you couldn't get shingles if you hadn't had chickenpox but apparently you can. At least it's not infectious, tho I have been advised not to kiss him there . Well, I'm still getting a regular fix of his cute posterior, because I have to apply Zovirax 4-5 times a day.

OP posts:
boyandgirl · 11/10/2003 22:43

Aaaaargh! HV (whom I trust) says it's not shingles, but a skin infection, and ds's recent bout of vomiting at night, plus several days later a bout of wetting himself, was caused by the skin infection getting inside via the night-time nappy. So I've stopped the zovirax - which didn't seem to have much effect - and started using Savlon antiseptic. The rash has responded immediately to the Savlon and is getting better. And ds's urine test came back clear, so he threw the infection off himself. At some point, though, he infected dd because they bath together and she also ended up with the rash and later vomiting. She seems ok now too, but HV has advised us not to bath them together until the rash has completely cleared up and not recurred.

I also wish now that I'd taken them both to the doctor much much earlier!

OP posts:
jmg · 12/10/2003 00:53

Spotty botty in babes still wearing nappies normally means thrush. Canestan cream - there is a version particularly for nappy rash on perscription - is the answer. Hope this sorts it out for you. The spots are very round shaped and raised a little.

boyandgirl · 12/10/2003 20:40

Thrush? Hadn't occurred to me. The rash is responding beautifully to Savlon, but if it doesn't clear up in the next few days I'll call my HV again - or else make an appointment with another GP.

OP posts:
jmg · 12/10/2003 20:51

Well probably not thrush as we would recognise it but a yeast infection like thrush. Both my children had it as babies. However if savlon is working then stick with it!!

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