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probs with nursery regarding my dd ezcema.

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misdee · 15/09/2003 22:49

my dd has modrate-severe eczema, some days he needs her creams applied constantly throughout the day. it can be quite upsetting for her and quite uncomfortable. she started nursery last week, and they have told me that altho they are fine about giving her inhalors if she needs them they cant apply her cream. they work on the theory that if she has them applied b4 she starts the session then she shouldnt need them again in a 2.5 hour period. i know this not to be true. she also needs to moisterise her hands and arms after painting/sand and water play/washing her hands, but they havent really listened to me about this. the only thing they said i could do was keep her off if she is bad, or come in and apply her creams. i live a 30min walk away from the nursery, by which point a little itch could have turned into a huge scratching session with bleeding and a very upset child. is the nursery right in refusing this, what should i do?
not too sure what toopic to post this under so it may pop up in a few threads. sorry!!

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bobthebaby · 16/09/2003 04:22

That's terrible - why on earth can't they pop a bit of moisturiser on after washing? The nursery should not be taking people's money if they can't meet a childs most basic needs IMO. If they can do inhalors surely cream isn't a problem.

robinw · 16/09/2003 06:45

message withdrawn

Podmog · 16/09/2003 08:30

Message withdrawn

misdee · 16/09/2003 09:28

she is 3.5. she can do her own moiseteriser if they pump a small bit onto her hands. its comes in a pump bottle so they wouldnt be transferring germs into a pot of cream. jusr wondering whether or not to send her today as she had a bad nights. i'm shattered.

OP posts:
monkey · 16/09/2003 15:34

you poor thing & your poor dd. Honestly, some people are just so crap. hope you get them sorted.

Podmog · 17/09/2003 12:22

Message withdrawn

bunny2 · 17/09/2003 14:49

Sympathies Misdee, ds has just started pre-school and I sent him in with piriton, epipens and moisturiser. Luckily the woman who runs the school has been hospitalised with eczema in the past and so aware of its seriousness. She asked for me to put down in writing exactly what I wanted them to do and they will happiliy accommodate. I think sometimes schools are reluctant to oblige in case they get inot trouble for administering unnecessary medication but a note from you should cover this. You must insist the nursery takes your childs needs on board, they offered her a place after all. Good luck.

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