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How long can a hangover last?

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servesmeright · 15/09/2003 17:00

I had a big night in with some friends on Friday - discovered the following morning my friend had been pouring me 38% proof vodka and I had drank about half a litre.
Could I have done permanant damage?
I struggled through Saturday, felt a bit groggy on Sunday and now just feel sad and very tired and listless (but there are other reasons why I might be feeling this way). Can a hangover last three days? Or more?
I am a regular mumsnetter who should know better.
Anyone behaved this stupidly in the past and how long did it take to recover?

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lucy123 · 15/09/2003 17:14

yes, I've had one of those! You may have had mild alcohol poisoning and were probably still drunk Saturday.

I think you're not actually having a hangover now, but you're suffering from the knock-on effects of not getting proper sleep etc.

It'll get better! Eat lots of fruit (to replace ions that will have been lost), drink water and go easy on yourself.

lou33 · 15/09/2003 19:42

Been there too many years ago. Party on the Friday night, but couldn't get into work until the following tuesday. It's dreadful isn't it? Hope you feel better soon.

fisil · 15/09/2003 19:49

I had one - May 1st - 3rd 1997. But what a night!

janh · 15/09/2003 20:26


I can remember weekends like that too - pre-children. We had a daytrip to Calais once and I got completely legless - the rest of the weekend was definitely "lost" and I don't think Monday happened either (many years ago so details sketchy).

Agree with Lucy - lots of fluids and fruit - orange juice combines the 2 nicely. Some vitamins might help too. And don't try to do much until you feel better. (And don't trust your friend to give you drinks again.)

monkey · 16/09/2003 10:34

Can't say I have (ha) but my dh to be returned from his stag weekend in the most unbvelievable state & I was convinced he wouldn't be well enough for the wedding the following week. he only just was.

Better give your poor liver & kidneys some major tlc.

servesmeright · 16/09/2003 20:09

Thanks everyone.
I am now at last feeling almost normal.
What a pillock.
It's hard enough getting through the day without making it hard on myself.

I won't be doing that again in a hurry, but I did have a fab evening!

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