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han0004 · 12/09/2003 21:17

my 3yr daughter needs to have gromits fitted on friday, how will she feel the next day, any tips?

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JJ · 13/09/2003 19:01

My long (as always) account is here . The only thing I can add is that you should ask if there is a waiting room right outside the operating rooms and let the nurse know you'll be there. That makes the run much shorter! Good luck to all of you.

robinw · 14/09/2003 06:36

message withdrawn

sweetjen · 11/02/2008 13:07

hi my daughter due gromits next week and im nervous any advice? actually has bad ear infection at moment

hennipenni · 11/02/2008 14:21

If you do a search you will find loads of threads about Grommets. You will usually find me on them!

geogteach · 11/02/2008 14:32

We are waiting for a date for DS1 third set. I have been amazed how quickly he bounced back, both times playing in the park the same day. The first time he was very sick but the aneathetist can give them something to prevent that, but be prepared - spare clothes etc. The hardest part is having to starve them is what I have found.

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