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Getting single mumps vaccine

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Hosking · 04/09/2003 13:14

Has anyone been to france for their child's mumps vaccine? I'm trying to get information about doing this. Any help out there? Who do I phone and where do I go?

OP posts:
twiglett · 04/09/2003 13:21

message withdrawn

Davros · 04/09/2003 13:45

Look up Holborn Medcial Centre on Google. They can do it all for you and will send you information and a quesionnaire toute suite (!French theme).

ThomCat · 04/09/2003 14:02

With Twiglet on this - why go to France - just out of interest?
Where do you live? I went to a great hospital in Hemel Hempstead of DD Rubella.

kayleigh · 04/09/2003 14:05

I recently had ds2 measles vaccine done at Hemel Hempstead and they told me they should have stocks of mumps vaccine in early november.

Bobsmum · 04/09/2003 14:17

Kayleigh and thomcat - are you in or near Hemel then?

kayleigh · 04/09/2003 15:01

I am near. Live in Herts.

Bobsmum · 04/09/2003 15:40

I'm in Hemel, unfortunately.

ThomCat · 04/09/2003 16:02

Im in Pinner, not a million miles away.

Marina · 05/09/2003 10:00

I think the problem is that even though plenty of good clinics in the UK offer the single jabs, at the moment there is a massive shortage of the Jeryl-Lynn strain of the vaccine, which is the preferred and safest version to use. So they are putting clients on a waiting list.
No tips on going to France, I'm afraid, Hosking, but I'd bet that a search of pages jaunes (don't have a URL but I think googling for France Telecom will get you the main directory enquiries website) for Calais/Boulogne will maybe throw up a few clinics/practices who offer this.

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