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cleaning vomit off carpets...

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Zerub · 26/07/2003 21:31

After a few little episodes with my poor sick DD last week, I realised that my education was clearly sadly lacking in certain respects - I didn't need to study geography, I needed classes in vomit clearance. And other housewifery that I just have no clue about.
Anyway, whats the best way to get rid of the stain and smell when your darling has deposited her partly-digested dinner on the carpet?

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codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:32

dettol liquid. I find.

the stain - no idea I am getting a carpet man in

codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:34

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codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:35


codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:37

ps the foot bit in that link was a little de trop I think

janh · 26/07/2003 21:38


Make a nice wet solution of bicarb and water, scrub in, let dry and hoover out. Gets rid of the smell anyway - not sure about the stain however. Good luck!

lou33 · 26/07/2003 21:39

This might help.

codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:51


Body Fluilds From Clothes
General Information:
To clean semen stains out of clothing, do not store the clothing for months until you are called to testify at an impeachment hearing. The best course of action is to treat the stain immediately.


Zerub · 26/07/2003 22:02


Bicarb - I keep seeing 101 different uses for this stuff. Can you only buy it in silly little pots in the baking section of Tescos?

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codswallop · 26/07/2003 22:03

glad someone else liked it!

janh · 26/07/2003 22:13

Zerub, no, you can buy it in lovely big boxes (500g?) from the chemists. Or at least you used to be able to. Dead useful for poxy kids in the bath, among other things.

sb34 · 26/07/2003 22:19

Message withdrawn

musica · 26/07/2003 22:19

Try '1001' - it was our lifeline when ds kept throwing up everywhere! You can get it from most supermarkets.

sb34 · 26/07/2003 22:19

Message withdrawn

codswallop · 26/07/2003 22:20


M2T · 26/07/2003 22:20

Janh?? Poxy kids??? That's not a nice way to talk about them!!

codswallop · 26/07/2003 22:22

she was referrin to chicken pox surely!

princesspeahead · 26/07/2003 22:45

soda water is very good as well, don't know why, lifts stuff out of carpets and helps with odour.


Joley · 26/07/2003 22:51

Try 1001 carpet cleaner with the little plastic brushy thing on the top of the can, works for me

Good luck

StripyMouse · 26/07/2003 23:57

Oxiclean is really good for food stains - digested or otherwise! In fact it is my present favourite household buy when it comes to all sorts of child related messes - saved me chucking loads of non bleachable clothes in the bin with "impossible" stains Otherwise Vanish foam spray for carpets and upholstery is fantastic for all sorts of pet and chidren stains.

The problem with vomit (sorry for getting a bit technical!) is that if you don?t act really quickly the stomach acids can really bleach your carpet (learnt from bitter experience). So, even if you have no good cleaning stuff in the house at least "weaken" it immediately with loads of warm soapy water before going out to the shop to get something capable of "finishing the job".
Hope your little one is better soon Zerub.

codswallop · 27/07/2003 08:34

I have learned this now. Baby was coughing at night and couldnt see properly to clean up ..and was loath to start at whatever am.. Need to call Ricky the carpet man in

SoupDragon · 27/07/2003 08:45

In our old house, we had laminate flooring in the nursery. Simply wipe it clean!

Power spray carpet cleaner seems pretty good at most things.

eidsvold · 27/07/2003 10:15

I use vanish and then rub over stain with damp cloth wait til dry then vacuum when dd does her little pukes over carpet.

sis · 27/07/2003 11:33

Cheap and quick - definately go for soda bi carb solution - it got us through ds's projectile vomitting episode for every movement of every tooth!

boyandgirl · 27/07/2003 15:14

Febreeze is particularly usefull if you're cleaning up in the dark. At least anything that gets missed won't reek.

Zerub · 28/07/2003 21:20

Fabulous! Will be off to buy the bicarb then!


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