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the American version of Who Do You Think You Are?

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DorotheaPlenticlew · 17/02/2010 14:15

Quite intrigued by this. Apparently it will be screened over here as well, not sure when though. But just had a look at the preview video on the NBC website and it's quite good (Americanized of course):


Slebs include:

Spike Lee
Susan Sarandon
Lisa Kudrow
Brooke Shields
Sarah Jessica Parker
Matthew Broderick
Emmitt Smith

and er, I may have missed one but I think that's it.

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OzMama22 · 04/04/2010 13:33

Sounds good (though hope they haven't over-Americanised it as you put it)! Just LOVE UK Who do you think you are? They've made an Ozzie version and though it's not quite the same as the UK version still enjoy it. Funny, don't know who half the celebs are but still like the stories...

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