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Tracing agency:

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sundaeonsunday · 08/11/2022 12:24

Not strictly about genealogy research but about tracing.

I need to know what tools/methods that the UK-based tracing agency Finder Monkey use to trace individuals.

It's come to my attention (can't say how as would be outing) that someone from my distant past is planning to enlist this agency to trace me. There are very specific and serious reasons I don't want contact from this person.

The person looking for me only has my email address and name (possibly might remember my DOB, but not sure). They know the city where I last lived, although I have moved away from there a few years ago.

I don't use social media (living in hiding from an abusive ex. He's not the person trying to trace me tbh, totally unconnected), and I don't appear in google searches. The nature of my work means I need to be careful about appearing online anyway.

I've ticked the relevant boxes (always) on electoral role forms to say I don't want to be searchable to the public.

I do own a property, so worried in case the agency search my details on the land registry.

My name is rather unusual.

Where else do they search? Banks, GPs etc?

Just trying to stop myself being found by this agency on behalf of the searcher.

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HeraldicBlazoning · 10/11/2022 20:58

They can only look at what is publicly accessible - local newspapers, electoral roll, social media. They would not be able to get access to bank or GP information I wouldn't think.

You might be better posting this in Legal rather than genealogy? Some real experts there.

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ivykaty44 · 13/11/2022 22:10

The electrol roll is the biggest aid in finding someone, and this is sold by the local councils for a fee. This shouldn't be the full list but I doubt very much from experience that it is the partial list in all cases.

I had experience of a case some 8 years ago where someone had uploaded the full list online. It was available for free and I appeared on the list even though I had several years running ticked the box not to appear. Later the site was made secure and payment was needed to use the list - though it was still the full list.

legally you are supposed to appear on the full list...

councils tax, banking, NHS records are all strictly governed by GDPR and not open records

would you consider changing your name for a while?

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