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Matthews- Peterborough 1950s

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Tamara201193 · 07/06/2020 14:45

Hi, I am looking for anyone who may of known or grew up with my grandmother Sandra Edwards, she was born March 1940. The family lived in Princess Gardens in Peterborough in the 1950s.
Her mother was called Doris Matthews (unsure of birth date) Grandma Doris was married to a Bill/William. My gran had a brother called Rodney.
The reason as to why it is me and my mum searching for people is because sadly my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia in December. It has been one huge rollercoaster and she has started saying things that don’t make sense. Her doctors have told us that any information we can find out about her past would be hugely beneficial to help her patch in details so that she doesn’t become overwhelmed and stressed when she struggles to remember the blank parts.
If you do know any information or have any pictures then please be rest assured that whatever information you are willing to give that it’ll remain completely anonymous.
Instead of replying on here could I please ask that you email me on [email protected] :)

Kind Regards,

Tamara Dennis

(Sandra Jean Edwards was Matthews granddaughter )

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Tvtvtv · 18/08/2020 21:38

I know there’s quite a few Matthews still in Peterborough but not sure if it’s a common name.

Have you tried the Peterborough FB pages? Or you could contact the Peterborough Telegraph as they’re keen for stories/older generation likely to have a read?

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