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Parent's sayings you still remember

84 replies

DeadRisingPies · 11/04/2012 18:56

Mum: 'You'll think an elephant's kicked you one day' (still waiting)

Dad: 'You can't be pretty AND clever' (thanks, Dad)

OP posts:

Chubfuddler · 18/08/2012 20:15

Perfume = you smell like a tarts boudoir


BlendingIntoTheBackground · 18/08/2012 20:28

'll buy you two in case one makes you sick It took me years to realise Mum was being sarcastic!

Y is a crooked letter than can't be fixed

Loads from above but particularly I want never gets, and "She's" the cats mother were said with regularity.

It's a man place to try it, and a womens place to deny it- once and once only ! Said often when I was a teenager and going on a date!


Rhubarb78 · 18/08/2012 20:31

We got 'pigs bum and cabbage' in answer to what's for dinner


SoggySummer · 18/08/2012 20:40

Its like Blackpool illuminations in here
Is that a skirt or a pelmet?
Were you born in a barn?
This is a house not a hotel


chocolatetester1 · 18/08/2012 20:43

"I think you'll find I'm right."


thepowerofvoodoo · 18/08/2012 20:46

"it's not who's right, it's who's left" - my granny at any hint of road rage. I use this a lot now.


mummmsy · 18/08/2012 20:52

omg Gnocchi was yer ma, my ma? and more to the point, are you from Northern Ireland? they strike me as NIrish sayings?!


mummmsy · 18/08/2012 20:53

what's for dinner? Stewed bugs and onions

No really, what's for dinner? Bee's knees and spider's elbows


cyanarasamba · 18/08/2012 20:56

You'd break Tonka toys you would.


SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 18/08/2012 20:56

If the wind changes, you will stick like that!

Don't pick your nose your head will cave in/your eyes will fall out!


SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 18/08/2012 20:58

Snot and bogey pie for tea! Confused


lop37 · 18/08/2012 20:59

"Would you like a knuckle sandwich???"( my Dad, trying to be funny).
"All fur coat and no knickers".
"Do as I say, not as I do".
"Don`t come crying to me if you break your neck.."
In response to "whats for dinner.."Poo pie!!"
In response to "MUMMMM"..Ive run off with the postman/ milk man....!!


onedev · 18/08/2012 21:00

Use your head, your feet are for dancing.


coffeeandcream · 18/08/2012 21:02

All fur coat and no knickers
I'd rather be late in this life than early in the next (when other drivers go too fast)
If you were meant to have holes in your ears you would have been born with them (ear piercings)
Nice girls don't wear black underwear


onehitwonder · 18/08/2012 21:05

Put the wood in the hole (shut the door) - DH's grandad
For a window you make a great door - My mum and dad when we were stood in front of the telly
Can you whistle? - Mum and Dad again, when my or my sister were singing
It's looking a bit dark over will's mums - Dark clouds in the distance


LaBelleDameSansPatience · 18/08/2012 21:09

If we had any eggs, we could have ham and eggs ... if we had any ham.


Lagartijadoesthecrazyshake · 18/08/2012 21:09

If wishes were horses beggars would ride
Do I look like I'm made of money (I used to have visions of my DM made up of 2p coins)
You daft wee article.
You're a cushy wee pet (talking about the dog)
Were you born in a barn?
I want doesn't get...Please may I...
Little things please little minds.


Lagartijadoesthecrazyshake · 18/08/2012 21:09

Don't get your knickers in a twist.


madnortherner · 18/08/2012 21:12

Loving these. My parents are southerners and had no useful sayings. Although, being brought up in the north, I heard some great ones growing up.

"You make a better door than a window" (for standing in someone's way)
"I want never gets" (I use this all the time with my 2 DSs now)
"Were you born in a field?" (for not shutting the door)

There must've been more .


Musomathsci · 18/08/2012 21:25

There ain't many that size much bigger (referring to an unusually large vegetable!)
Reckons he's body everyself (referring to someone a bit big-headed)
Smart as a carrot half-scraped
Dirty cup of tea (with a dollop of clotted cream in it)
You could shave a dead mouse without waking it (referring to a sharp knife)
Cat's got your tongue (child not speaking)


BitchyHen · 18/08/2012 21:27

My Great-Grandad used to have loads of sayings,
When it was my bedtime he would say up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire, and you'll be asleep in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
If I did anything silly he called me daft ha'porth of daft as a brush.

My Nan always says I can't get up I've got a bone in my leg.

Mum always used to say do you think money grows on trees? - to which the answer was yes if its made of paper.


littlemefi · 18/08/2012 21:28

"many a mickle makes a muckle".... "if you fall off that wall and break your legs, don't come running to me"...."you make a better door than a window", if we were stood in front of the telly


1944girl · 18/08/2012 21:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mama1980 · 18/08/2012 21:32

After one of us saying pardon me after a burp/fart etc my nan would always turn round and say 'they don't pardon pigs they shoot them' Hmm and before any big day or event she would say 'dont be nervous just dress to impress and be prepared to go down with the ship' another Hmm but I still say it to myself to this day whenever I have a meeting or something to go to.


thixotropic · 18/08/2012 21:38

Neither use nor ornament

For a lazy person

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