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Parent's sayings you still remember

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DeadRisingPies · 11/04/2012 18:56

Mum: 'You'll think an elephant's kicked you one day' (still waiting)

Dad: 'You can't be pretty AND clever' (thanks, Dad)

OP posts:
OneOfMyTurnsComingOn · 11/04/2012 18:57

"I want never gets"

HangingGarden · 11/04/2012 19:03

"You'd laugh to see a pudding crawl

"Red shoes, no knickers

"Didn't know whether to sh*t shave or haircut

"Too clever for your own good

"Want some bread with that butter?

Mama1980 · 20/04/2012 07:56

'dress to impress but be prepared to go down with the ship'
'if you can pinch a inch lose it' Grin both my wonderful nan, she's the voice in my head

CornishKK · 20/04/2012 08:02

"You smell like a whore's handbag". My Mum Grin

ginmakesitallok · 20/04/2012 08:03

"At least they are clean and paid for.."

SkinnyVanillaLatte · 20/04/2012 08:04


ginmakesitallok · 20/04/2012 08:04

Oh and when asked "Is that for me?", the answer was ALWAYS - "No it's for Catriona McGuire"

ithaka · 20/04/2012 08:05

'Birds in their little nests agree' whenever me and sis were fighting. oooh, still annoying!

SkinnyVanillaLatte · 20/04/2012 08:05

'Who's she? The cats daughter?"

Windandsand · 13/05/2012 03:11

Beggars can't be choosers
You have to break them to eat them - about biscuits
Sunny jim - usually when cursing others driving
He's a bit light on his loafers - anyone they thought was gay, however they and their friends very tolerant , much more than people now I think, natuarally t

Windandsand · 13/05/2012 03:13

Oops! Tolerant ..

SucksToBeMe · 13/05/2012 03:18

Love few

WMDinthekitchen · 13/05/2012 04:44

Mother - 'If you can't fight, wear a big hat.'
Father - ' No-one can make a million £ without being dishonest.'
Father - 'Stop your giggling, you'll be crying in a minute.'

KatOD · 13/05/2012 05:06

"It'll be better before you're married" (grandad). Not massively comforting when you're 7 and have fallen over!

AntsMarching · 13/05/2012 06:32

A clean car is a happy car (or insert whatever needed cleaning, e.g. Hair, teeth, clothes, room)

inmysparetime · 13/05/2012 06:43

"look at the boat on that" (whenever one of us had a grumpy face)
"up there for thinking, down there for dancing, common sense will prevail"
"she's at the chip shop" (whenever we asked where mum had gone - one time he said this on an aeroplane)

MarieFromStMoritz · 13/05/2012 06:48

He's a bit light on his loafers

What a lovely image Grin. And not at all offensive. At least, I don't think it is.

ErnesttheBavarian · 13/05/2012 07:03

You're like one o'clock half struck.

Let the dog see the rabbit.

You get what you're given. ( usually paired with I want never gets).

Hold your horses.

Mil/fil - up here for thinking, down there for dancing (wtf?)
Cough up chicken.

The atter 2 are from my weird Kent in laws. The 1st 4 from my learly saner nrth east family.

ErnesttheBavarian · 13/05/2012 07:08

Just read spare time also got the up here for thinking one. You from kent?

Oyrs always used to say who's she the cat's mther ( nt daughter) it was really annoying, constanty getting told off for saying she. Why??

One my mum used to mutter when driving, which i do now is 'Gan canny, bonny lad' I've lost much of may accent, but there it pops back out, oh and frequently yelling the kids to pull their finger out/ howay man, depending....

lovebunny · 13/05/2012 07:11

mum: i'll give you something to cry about

gran: cough it up it might be a piano

Tigresswoods · 13/05/2012 07:17

"Every time you cry a little fairy dies"


inmysparetime · 13/05/2012 07:25

Ernest no, West London, but dad is Irish.
I just remembered one from my grandad though:
"laugh and the world laughs with you, cry, and you cry alone"

Homebird8 · 13/05/2012 07:29

You're pots fer rags you are!

Hay's what horses eat.

This and better may do, this and worse'll never!

inmysparetime · 13/05/2012 07:31

"look after the pennies, the pounds'll look after themselves"

Elkieb · 13/05/2012 11:04

If you ever asked where someone had gone the answer was 'Australia for chips' ??!
My mum would shout 'enjoy your trip', if you fell over. Smile.

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