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marmadukescarlet · 02/03/2008 18:58

When I was doing a long overdue check for spyware with spybot (I think) it found quite a few bits and bobs and sorted them out.

I presumed they were all cookie related, but there was a keylogger listed - I didn't think just deleted it.

Can sites you visit put these on? Did my DH (or Au Pair only other person with regular access to PC) put this on? My DH has very little IT ability (more than me) and even less reason to suspect me?


OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 02/03/2008 18:59

A keylogger can be dropped onto your pc remotely, I think. Hackers and the like use them, I think.

marmadukescarlet · 02/03/2008 19:09

Thank you, there is also something called Smitfraud-C. Toolbar 888 - the fraud bit sounds worrying?

OP posts:
marmadukescarlet · 02/03/2008 19:11

Ok it says the smitfraud thingy is a registry key, what is that?

OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 02/03/2008 19:14

Registry is to do with your registry files, the files that id your pc etc.
Spybot has picked these up on ours before and I've just ka powed them into oblivion with the clear tool.

Kevlarhead · 02/03/2008 20:19

Getting rid of SmitFraud

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