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Anyone been having problems with MSN???

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bossybritches · 01/03/2008 18:34

Sorry if this has been done to death but I've been having terrible problems with MSN. I suddenly seemed to be getting a link that said "this photo looks like you" but there was nothing on it (although it did try & download something -I hastily cancelled it.)

I've done a complete clear-out of my cookies/temp files etc.

Run a virus screen & defragged the system just for good measure

Then I uninstalled & reinstalled MSN as a last resort.

Now I can't get hold of anyone(windows won't open even if they're showing online) unless they message me first. Even then I keep getting cut off mid sentence.

Any cyber-gurus out there with ideas for this tecno -numpty???


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bossybritches · 01/03/2008 22:08

Desperate bump!! Bloody false link popping up all over the place!!

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