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um, anyone on google mail? my gmail homepage thingy is in russian for some reason(??) i need to turn it back to english

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BoysOnToast · 01/03/2008 14:58

if someoen else has it can they go to the page you get to if you type 'gmail' into the url bar (without auto sign in) and tell me if there is a 'language' button anywhere, and where it is?


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BoysOnToast · 01/03/2008 14:59

oh. never mind. i signed in and my actual mail is in english...

bloody weird

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SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 01/03/2008 15:00

Were you at google

McDreamy · 01/03/2008 15:00

at the top next to you email address on the right hand side is setting click on that and the top box is language

BoysOnToast · 01/03/2008 15:08

signed out to get back to sign in page... and its in english now.

thanks anyways.

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