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I NEED MN to solve a question that has been around for ages (well the bmiddle of last year I think) which is better XP or Vista? & why?

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KatyMac · 01/03/2008 13:28

That's it really

I thought I wanted XP- but I may be out of luck so which is better & why?

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 01/03/2008 14:17

I reluctantly swapped to Vista (business) in January. I wanted to keep my familiar XP.

I had heard all the hype - about how great it looks and TBH yes it is a bit flash in places but that is all it is - and when you get over the "cool effect" every time you see something slightly funky its is just an operating system.

I had also heard lots of scare stories about issues. I have not seen much of that. All of the software I use is compatible - although I pretty much only use internet & works (although I have replaced that with open office which is free and great). I did have to download new drivers for my printer and stuff and buy a new modem - but you can check that in advance - and it was esy peasey. I just got prepared in advance and made alist of what I new I would ahve to do and put all the links to the relevant websites ina word document. I don't have any fancy high power software of any kind. I think only hard core techy geeks will be the main ones affected by the change.

It has some nice features too that are practical - mainly around folder navigation.

I was told by teh loverly LL (and confirmed on numerous forums about computery stuff) that you realistically need a minimum of 2Gb RAM to run vista smoothly - which I got. I am using 37% of that RAM just to run vista so I am glad I did up it from 1Gb.

All in all I am happy now and am glad I wasn't a chicken and took the plunge for Vista.

Inicdentally if you get Vista Business I think you are entitled to a XP pro disk free of charge (found this out on HotUKdealsforum - apparently confirmed by Dell but you do have to ring your provider to actually get the disk). As I understand it is a microsft initiative not Dell so should apply anywhere.


BoysOnToast · 01/03/2008 14:26

vista is slicker but underneath its different in lots of ways and therefore harder to unravel what the hell is wrong when things dont go right. esp if you are familiar with the old OS's ... it can be v frustrating to try to sort things.
we are on a stupid complicated netowrk thingamy and this laptop (vista) will not 'see' my photos, stored on the main pc. v v annoying. dp is ex-microsoft and um, v blinkered determind when theres a techincal problem to be solved and even he cant do it.
BUT, on thw whole i quite like it. the powerpoint is better (i like powerpoint) and word is slicker. outlook ditto.

SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 01/03/2008 14:32

here is the downgrade rights stuff

KatyMac · 01/03/2008 14:52

I'm not sure I understand that
I have XP on my computer & I have my license number - but I don't think I have a disc.....I think that says I need a disc?
or not?

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 01/03/2008 14:57

I think you have to request teh disk from your new PC provider.

TBH I treated it as a back-up option in case I hated vista, and didn't bother because I haeve no probs with Vista.

I was more trying to let you knopw that the option existed if you absolutely hated Vista.

EvelynsDad · 01/03/2008 20:14

My view

Vista Pros: Slicker, will be supported for longer than XP
Vista Cons: Requires more memory, will offer lower performance on same hardware, less supported hardware and software

XP Pros: Familiar, reliable, more supported hardware and software. Better performance on the same hardware.

XP cons: Will not be supported for as long

I have limited real experience of Vista. It is on my home PC, but I don't use it. My main experience was the initial set up when it crashed on my first login.

They will be selling XP until at least January 2009, so I guess it will still be supported for at least a year and a half. If you have older software or printers and other hardware you need to connect then they are more likely to be supported on XP than Vista.

In short I see no compelling reason to buy Vista.

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