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Why can't anyone open my email attachments (Mac related)

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Pennies · 27/02/2008 13:38

Each time I send an email with an attachment the recipient can't access the attachment.

I've got Word on the computer (it's the Word for Mac version). I can open attachements from other people but not vice versa.

It's such a pain because I'm starting a course wherby I can submit assignments via email which would be so much quicker and easier for me and my course moderator.

OP posts:
GeekBoy · 27/02/2008 15:20

What version of Word for Mac? The shiny new 2008 version?

peanutbear · 27/02/2008 15:23

do you have a mac address
are you using Entourage as a mail host or
the mail with osx

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