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Help with Windows Media Player

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Ihateboris · 24/05/2023 09:42

I'm a complete technophobe when it comes to computers so really hoping someone can help πŸ™. I need to transfer some mp4 videos onto a USB stick. I've done the transfer but when I click on the video, it won't play. I attach a photo of the message i get . Any help would be most appreciated. Also, if there is anyone in the Nantwich area who is a computer whizz and would like to earn some cash, please pm me x

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Ihateboris · 24/05/2023 09:46

For some reason the pic won't send. It says "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file "

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widowerbutok · 24/05/2023 16:40

Windows doesn't have the software normally to play MP4s. Google will give you lots of options as to how to get round it. Myself I use the free software VLC (VLC to play them. Have a look, see what you think. Google the problem too and see what i mean. Good luck.

Download official VLC media player for Windows - VideoLAN

Ihateboris · 24/05/2023 19:50

Fantastic...thank you so much. I'm rubbish with technology. Thanks again πŸ˜€

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