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struggling to set up new email account

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Go · 19/02/2008 13:22

DD wants her own email account, so have been trying to set one up on outlook express. just can't get it to work. have copied the settings from mine (except with her email address in) but every time i try to send or receive, it comes up with a box with her email adress, saved password and I hit ok and it just comes back again. have tried removing the password, both in the box and in the properties section, but nothing works. i seem to remember having a similar problem when i set mine up yonks ago, but can't remember how i fixed it. any ideas? thanks.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 19/02/2008 23:23

Set her up a gmail account.

Actually, which email provider are you using? Have you set up an inbox for her with them? Think you have to do that first - otherwise it won't know to send stuff to her iyswim?

littlelapin · 19/02/2008 23:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker · 19/02/2008 23:26


hunkermunker · 19/02/2008 23:27


hunkermunker · 19/02/2008 23:27

Sorry about that.

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