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Facebook account hacked - email, phone and password all changed

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Rassy · 17/05/2023 13:33

My Facebook account has been hacked - email, password and mobile number all changed. I did get notification emails but by the time I saw them it was too late.

I have tried recovering my account but Facebook can't find it by searching on my email, name or password. Am going round and round in circles!

I can see my account via looking at my husband's account. Have tried getting support to recover it via his account but no joy.

Any advice much appreciated!!

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Charlotte54 · 05/08/2023 03:22

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Patricia34 · 06/08/2023 15:03

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MillWood85 · 06/08/2023 15:09

My Mum gets her account hacked all the time - you just need to get someone else to report it for you. If your DH clicks onto your account, he should be able to report it. or this may work.

Runner456 · 10/08/2023 20:02

I dont think you can do anything, you would have recieved emails as the hack was happening, but the links in the emails expire very quickly

A facebook account is of no value, so just start again and warn others

In future enable 2fa in security settings, its a pain for you but makes hacking nearly impossibal

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