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Linking Alexa to 2nd Spotify account

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MintyIguana · 15/05/2023 12:56

DD has an Alexa in her room. All our alexas are linked to one account. She's recently got her own Spotify account but we can't work out how to link her Alexa to her own Spotify account. All alexas link to our own Spotify account. Surely it's possible to link an Alexa to a different Spotify account. Really confused. Help!

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MintyIguana · 17/05/2023 06:23

@widowerbutok thanks that's a helpful link. I think I've got it to work. Had to deregister her Alexa from our main Amazon account and register it instead to the one I rarely use. Then link the 2 accounts as family accounts. Then login again from her Alexa to her Spotify. Seems like a huge faff!

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