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Ipod query

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Trix11 · 18/02/2008 16:11

My ipod music has been downloaded on a friends pc using itunes. I know want to add more music using itunes on my own pc but have been told it will delete all previous downloaded music - is this correct or is there a way round this?

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littlelapin · 18/02/2008 16:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chopster · 18/02/2008 16:17

you need to stop it from auto synching before connecting it to your pc. Bes tthing to do is reconnect it to your friends pc which has the music on it, then go to ipod options and select "Manually manage songs and playlists". then it wont synch any more when conencting it to any pc.

I don't actually think it will aut synch to another pc, especially not without asking you first, but Id change the settings first to be safe.

Trix11 · 18/02/2008 16:56

I wont be able to go back to friend to get to reconnect it to their pc!! is there another way?


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opinionateddad · 18/02/2008 17:32

.. ok you are a little stuffed now as the ipod is only designed to work with the PC that it registers with....

First Q.. what model ipod are you using? as stated by chopster you can set it to sync manually and just copy the files over...

If you want to copy the files back the PC you can use any one of the bits of software recommended by LL above.. however you will need to do a lot of tidying up of the files that are moved across..

Another Q - I am guessing these items are yours to own in the first place... the main reason this is a complex process is that music is not supposed to be shared...

... saying that the best way to do what you want is to backup the music files from the other PC and then copy them to yours.. you can then import them into itunes and then onto the ipod...

Trix11 · 18/02/2008 17:51

Opinionateddad - I will have to get back to you later. Thank you for your time on this.

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