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Can I set up an iPad to only allow specific websites to make it child-safe?

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ReallyShouldBeDoingSomethingElse · 10/05/2023 12:10

DD's homework is all set on an app where the easiest way to complete the work is on a tablet screen. Having fought this and screen-shotted the work to print-out etc., I've decided that it might just be better to save the faff and get with the modern age. We're an Apple house so for ease of use I would rather get an iPad than anything else.

My ideal would be to lock down the iPad to only access the homework app plus some websites like Timestable rockstars and Britannica Kids etc. Will this be possible? It will mean I need a setting to automatically disallow all websites with the exception of X, Y, Z.

I've read up on how to disable the apps so I'll disable any that could be used for communication etc.

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unfortunateevents · 10/05/2023 12:28

What age is your daughter? Of an age where homework may involve research on other websites?

ReallyShouldBeDoingSomethingElse · 10/05/2023 12:37

I wouldn't have thought so; she's only 6 - but I can add websites as and when she needs them. I still plan to be keeping close tabs on what she's doing.

I'm actually quite anti-screens for young kids so I'm planning on this being for homework only (ie no watching youtube, cbbc etc. and definitely no games).

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ReallyShouldBeDoingSomethingElse · 13/05/2023 11:11

@widowerbutok - thanks for this. The iPad is arriving today so I'll sit down and go through this website this evening.

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ZillionDayStreak · 13/05/2023 11:15

The iPad controls are quite good for apps and time limits and so on, but you’ll need net nanny software if she needs to use websites. Easier if you can just make a child login with no web browser available, but it depends if any of the schoolwork need a website and can’t be done using an app.

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