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Moving data from old iPhone to Android - help!

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GanGhruaig · 30/04/2023 22:01

My DH has finally upgraded his Iphone, after many years (and only because it was dying) … and made the switch to Android. He followed the instructions and WhatsApp and loads of apps he uses didn’t copy across. I know WhatsApp is tricky but all the apps do have an android version, so thought they’d transfer ok.
Is there some magic easy way to have a more successful transfer of apps - there’s so much info out there but hoping some wise mumsnetters can do the idiot’s guide for us.

OP posts:
SUBisYodrethwhenLarping · 30/04/2023 23:48

I would be interested in this too

Especially WhatsApp on android transfer

neilyoungismyhero · 30/04/2023 23:50

The very nice man at Curry's did mine for a tenner. Took about 35 minutes.

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