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IsItPossibleToDoThis · 18/04/2023 14:21


Is it possible to permanently set my Outlook 365 status to active, or change how long before the green icon changes to orange?

I've googled and it says click on 'my info' at the bottom but I haven't got 'my info'.

It says go to options then status, but I haven't got status.

Thanks for any help.

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BasicDad · 18/04/2023 15:12

Are you accessing via a browser, or desktop app?

IsItPossibleToDoThis · 18/04/2023 15:22

Its installed on my work laptop, its work outlook.

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BasicDad · 18/04/2023 15:36

Status (Available, Busy, Away, etc) is normally set by the Teams app.

To stop Teams setting your status to "Away" (Yellow), create a New Meeting (in Teams) and don't invite anyone else. It'll show your status "In a Call". Then manually change your status to "Available".

It'll keep your status indefinitely Available ๐Ÿ˜Ž

IsItPossibleToDoThis · 18/04/2023 15:40

Thank you @BasicDad ๐Ÿ˜Š

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