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Photoshop or similar help required

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SandraDeee · 17/04/2023 01:40

Hi geeks 😊

Is there anyone with photoshop or other editing software who would be willing to make a couple of minor (not people-related) tweaks to a photograph for me please?

if so I will PM the details.

Yours in hope… πŸ™πŸ»

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GooseberryCinnamonYogurt · 18/04/2023 07:42

What is it you actually need?

SandraDeee · 18/04/2023 09:32

Thanks for the reply. It’s to change the colour of the carpet and then remove a couple of items shown in the photo (bowl on table and lamp). I can PM the photo if you think it’s doable?

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DanFmDorking · 18/04/2023 22:57

@SandraDeee I've sent you a 'PM'.

SandraDeee · 21/04/2023 11:17

Thanks @DanFMDorking, have emailed you 😊

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