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5 trips in the TARDIS

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ToriLynn · 10/04/2023 20:38

You get 5 trips in doctor who's tardis, where are you going?


  1. Tudor London
  2. Victorian Yorkshire
  3. A Viking village in Scandinavia
  4. The inauguration of the first president of the United States of America
  5. my BIRTHday
OP posts:
PuttingDownRoots · 10/04/2023 20:42
  1. To see my grandfather working on lifeboats

2. Suffragettes
3.the moon
4. An interwar Southampton to New York cruise crossing
5. January 2020 to drop off some food, craft supplies and useful technology to my own house.
Stropalotopus83 · 24/04/2023 16:44

Oooh interesting. Ok, mine would be:

  1. Trip to see the dinosaurs (any of them, not particularly fussy)
  2. Woodstock (to see what all the fuss was about)
  3. The Library of Alexandria
  4. I'd quite like to go back and give Guy Fawkes a hand..... ;)
  5. And the obligatory trip to say 100 years in the future and hope there is a future to visit!
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