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Microsoft teams zoom

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IsItPossibleToDoThis · 06/04/2023 09:32

Is it possible to have different zooms on teams? I.e. 100% on chat and 75% on calendar so I can see my whole day on my screen in one go?

I expect it isn't.

I am looking to get another proper size monitor as I have a monitor (left) and my laptop (right), which is the screen I have teams open on and I don't want to move all that around.


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IsItPossibleToDoThis · 06/04/2023 14:37

Thanks, I did google it and found this
but neither of these are what I want to do, I want to set the chat page to 80 or 90 or 100 % zoom and the calendar page to 70%.

I expect it can't be done.

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