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Hotmail not allowing me to send or recieve emails now?

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SOT3 · 04/04/2023 16:11

Has anyone been blocked from sending or receiving emails due to storage? This has happened today. Thank you.

OP posts:
Nimbostratus100 · 04/04/2023 16:13

what happens if you delete some old emails?

Circleoffifths · 04/04/2023 16:13

Yes, I have been having warning messages since January which I ignored and last week I was unable to send or receive messages. I cleared a LOT of old emails with large attachments and it’s ok now.

ApolloandDaphne · 04/04/2023 16:14

Is it not an issue with space on your end? Do you maybe need to delete some of your e mails to make space?

SOT3 · 04/04/2023 16:23

Thank you very much for replying. Yes I will have to delete alot of old stuff now, it was just a bit of a shock to recieve the message today, I am worried now that I might not be getting some important emails.

OP posts:
AnyBenny · 04/04/2023 16:34

Yes this happened to me yesterday strangely. I tried deleting lots of emails but it turned out that actually although my email total was under the limit, my OneDrive storage was miles over. That can also shut down your hotmail which is a bit rubbish I think.
I’ve had to temporarily buy some extra storage and will sort out the OneDrive at the weekend. I definitely missed some emails while I worked out what was going on but senders got a bounce back message so they should be aware their emails haven’t got through.

SOT3 · 04/04/2023 16:40

Thank you AnyBenny.

OP posts:
weathervane1 · 05/04/2023 10:20

If you free up storage by deleting emails, remember to empty the Deleted Emails box as well otherwise you're only effectively moving emails around and not actually getting rid of them. You might also need to empty the Recovery box as well (that's where deleted emails get put for a certain number of days just in case you made a mistake).

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